The Best Healing Jewelry For Grandmother

Best jewelry for grandmother

If you are looking for a thoughtful, beautiful and beneficial gift for your grandmother, jewelry made with healing stones is the perfect gift! Not only will your grandma appreciate having a beautiful piece of jewelry to wear, she will also reap the healing benefits of the specific stone you choose!

Below I’ve compiled a list of the best deals on Amazon for the perfect jewelry for your grandma. 

Personalized Silver Birthstone Necklace

The best thing about this birthstone necklace is that you can choose multiple stones to include on the pendant. You can choose up to six stonesBirthstone Necklace For Grandma and six names to be etched on the back of the pendant. Each birthstone has its own amazing healing powers. For a complete list of birthstones, their meanings and their healing properties, click here!

I purchased one of these necklaces for my grandma and one for my mom for only $45.99 each on Amazon. Click here to check it out.


Silver Necklace with Lapis Lazuli & Drusy Quartz

If you are looking for a fancy necklace with genuine stones for grandma,Lapis Lazuli Necklace for Grandmther this one is it. Lapis Lazuli is the most sought after stone for healing and symbolizes wisdom and truth. If your grandma has trouble remembering things, wearing Lapis Lazuli will greatly improve her memory and even enhance her creativity. Wearing this stone has also been known to lower blood pressure! Drusy Quartz is excellent for warding off negativity and reducing stress. The Drusy Quartz in this necklace will also enhance the powers of the Lapis Lazuli.

Retail price for this necklace is $699.00, but can be found on Amazon for only $349.99. Click here to see the necklace.

Silver Bracelet with Pearl & Turquoise

Turquoise has been used for hundreds of years to protect the wearer from evil and physical harm. Turquoise is also perfect for those grandmas bornpearl and turquoise bracelet in December. Pearls have unique frequencies of energy vibrations that have a strong calming effect and will help your grandmother connect to her “inner goddess”. Wearing pearls has also been known to heal digestive issues and skin conditions! Pearls as a gift are also perfect for a grandma born in June.

This beautiful bracelet retails for $29.95, but you can find it here on Amazon for $21.95.

Silver Bracelet with Genuine Citrine stones

Your grandmother will appreciate receiving a gift that also brings good luck! Citrine is called the “success stone” and is known for bringing theCitrine Bracelet wearer success and good luck. Not only does Citrine often bring prosperity, it can heal various physical ailments. Many use this stone to cure muscle pain, diabetes, heart problems, digestive issues and nightmares. This bracelet is my choice for Citrine because it contains 100% natural, genuine Citrine stones.

Retail price for this bracelet is $519.00, but you can click here to get it for only $149.95!

Silver Earrings with Pink Rhodonite

Show your Grandmother how much you love her by getting her jewelryRhodonite Earrings for Grandmother containing a beautiful stone of love, Rhodonite. This stone is known for its amazing emotional healing powers. Wearing these earrings will help keep your Grandma emotionally stable when dealing with a difficult situation. Rhodonite is also an excellent physical healer and has been used to help with arthritis, skin conditions and lung problems.

Retail price: $148.00

Find it here on Amazon for $57.51

I hope my suggestions of healing jewelry for grandmothers has helped you make a decision on what to get your grandma. As I find more great deals on the perfect gifts for Grandma, I will update this post. Please leave your questions or thoughts on these suggestions in the comment section below!

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