The Best Healing Birthstone Jewelry For Moms !

best healing birthstone jewelry for moms

 Everyone knows that mothers love jewelry, and birthstone jewelry even more.

Did you know that genuine birthstones also carry healing properties that will benefit your Mom? Below I have compiled the best healing birthstone jewelry for moms and the specific healing powers of each stone.

Multiple birthstones in jewelry

A big hit with moms is a piece of jewelry with all of her children’s birthstones. It is quite difficult to find genuine birthstones in a personalized piece ofBirthstone Jewelry For Moms jewelry, but genuine stones will provide much more healing benefits than synthetic stones. In the photo is a 10K gold Mothers pendant that you can customize with GENUINE birthstones! You can click here to check it out! You can check below for the healing effects of the birthstones you choose.

If $198.00 is slightly too pricey, you can always go with the synthetic Mother's Day Ringstones for a lower price. The ring pictured can be personalized with names and stones for only $59.95. You can click here to check it out!




Birthstones by Month

If you are looking for a piece of jewelry specific to your mom’s birth month, I have selected the best deals below. You can also check out the specific healing properties of each birthstone!

January – Garnet

Garnet is an amazing healing stone that is perfect for anyone with heart or lung issues. This stone is also perfect for boosting the wearer’s self-esteem. Garnet is also a very luckyGarnet for Mom stone and will protect the wearer from harm and evil. The Garnet necklace pictured also comes in either white or yellow gold and can be purchased for only $259.99! >>CLICK HERE<< You can also click here to read more about Garnet!



February – Amethyst

Amethyst is one of my favorite healing stones and is extremely beneficial in many ways. Amethyst Necklace for MomAmethyst has a very strong vibration and is known for its ability to help those with sleeping problems. This stone can be worn to increase intuition and creativity, and also helps with depression, anxiety, sadness and anger. Amethyst is also a powerful physical healer and is perfect for those with lung problems. This stone also improves blood circulation! I personally love this Amethyst necklace as a gift for mom. You can click here to check it out! Click here to read more about Amethyst!




March – Aquamarine

Aquamarine is the the stone of the sea, and seamen used to carry it to protect them while travelling. This gem is perfect for those who have a fear of water. Aquamarine is also Mother's Dayknow for its ability to increase intellect and enhance the wearer’s reasoning abilities. This stone will help your mom to overcome negative aspects in her life. Aquamarine is also known as a physical healer of many lung and throat ailments. My personal favorite piece of jewelry with Aquamarine is the necklace pictured, which also includes the healing benefits of Diamonds! You can find it here for only $39.99! You can also click here for a detailed article all about Aquamarine.



April – Diamond

To improve creativity, Diamonds are the stones to wear! These gems can bring loads of Mom diamond necklaceenergy to the wearer and improve relationships. For physical healing, diamonds are great for balancing the metabolism and for all types of eye problems. Diamonds are also known for their ability to treat vertigo and help with allergies! The beautiful necklace pictured has genuine diamonds.  The ultra low price of $92.06 is the reason I chose this necklace as a perfect gift for mother. Click here to check it out! You can also click here to read more about the healing properties of Diamonds.

May – Emerald

For those Moms born in the same month as Mother’s Day, Emeralds are the perfect gift! Emeralds are said to bring good fortune and prosperity. Many buy emerald engagement Emerald Ring for Momrings because of their strong loving vibration. Your mom’s love life will greatly improve while she wears this powerful stone! I love this beautiful Emerald ring as a gift for Mom. Click here to check it out!


June – Pearl, Alexandrite, Moonstone

Moms born in June are lucky enough to have three birthstones to choose from. Pearls Pearl Necklace: Birthstone Jewelry For Junebring truth, loyalty and integrity to those who possess it. They are also powerful healers, said to help with fertility issues. Alexandrite is a stone of courage and is excellent for reducing stress and helping with motion sickness. Moonstones bring strength and inner growth. They are also excellent healers for those with digestive problems. My favorite out of the three is the Pearl. I located a beautiful strand of pearls for only $46.42. You can click here to check it out! Click here to check out some color-changing Alexandrite jewelry. Or you can click here to check out a beautiful genuine Moonstone necklace for only $48.00.

July – Ruby

Ruby is a stone of nobility and brings passion, prosperity and protection. Rubies also carry a strong loving vibration and can bring the wearer more energy. Rubies are rare,Ruby Pendant and the genuine stone can be hard to find. The beautiful pendant pictured is my choice for the best deal you can find for genuine Ruby jewelry. Click here to check it out!


August – Peridot, Sardonyx

For those needing a little help with self control, wearing Sardonyx can help with that. Peridot Necklace: Birthstone Jewelry For AugustThis stone is also a highly protective stone and can bring the wearer confidence, creativity, integrity, motivation and discipline. Peridots are stones of prosperity and are also great for boosting confidence. For physical healing, Peridots are great for ailments dealing with the stomach, heart and lungs. I personally love this Peridot necklace which you can obtain for only $15.01. >>CLICK HERE<< Sardonyx can sometimes be hard to find, but is available for a low price. Click here to see some beautiful Sardonyx earrings.

September – Sapphire

Sapphire is the wisdom stone and would be a perfect gift for your wise mother. Sapphire will also help mom express herself more freely. Most of those born in September Sapphire Birthstone Meaningsometimes have trouble communicating so Sapphires are the perfect gift. These gems also bring good fortune and protection. For physical healing, many use Sapphires for headaches, fevers, eye problems and ear problems. My pick for Mother’s Day is this genuine Sapphire necklace. >>CLICK HERE<< You can also click here to learn all about the healing properties of Sapphires.


October – Tourmaline, Opal

Those moms born in October are lucky to have these two as their birthstones. These Opal Birthstone Ringstones come in a wide range of colors, which will make any Mother happy. Tourmaline is perfect for bringing the wearer more self confidence, compassion, strength and understanding. This stone is also great for those with heart conditions, depression and motion sickness. Click here to read more about Tourmaline. If your mom could use a boost to her memory, Opal is the perfect stone for that. Opal also enhances creativity and heals headaches! I love this beautiful Opal ring as a gift for those born in October. Click here to check it out. You can also click here to check out a jewelry set with pink tourmaline.

November – Topaz, Citrine

Both of these birthstones are considered lucky stones. Citrine is called the success stone and can also increase creativity and confidence. Many use Citrine to help with ailmentsBlue Topaz Necklace such as diabetes, heart problems, digestion issues, and even nightmares. Click here to read more about Citrine. You can check out the hottest necklace on Ebay right now made with genuine citrine by clicking here! Topaz is a stone of good fortune and forgiveness. It is also a great stone to wear to release tension and stabilize emotions. For physical healing, Topaz is perfect for digestion issues. I love this Blue Topaz necklace as a gift for mom. >>CLICK HERE<<

December – Turquoise, Zircon, Tanzanite

Tanzanite has a high vibration that helps develop psychic powers. This powerful stone Turquoise Ring for Momwill also help accelerate spiritual growth. Tanzanite is also a powerful healer. Zircon crystals have been used for years to simulate diamonds and can be found in a wide range of colors, red being the most prized. Zircon is an excellent stone for developing your intuition. Turquoise is the most common stone of the three and is known for its protective powers. Native Americans have been using this stone for hundreds of years to protect against evil and physical harm. Read more about Turquoise here! The turquoise ring pictured can be obtained for only $28. >>CLICK HERE<< You can also find a gorgeous genuine Blue Zircon Ring for only $12.13 by clicking here! You can find a beautiful Tanzanite ring here for less than $40!

I hope I have helped somewhat in your journey of looking for the best jewelry for mom. Share this with your friends who are looking as well. You can check out my other birthstone list here, or if you are shopping for Grandma, check out this article of the best healing jewelry for Grandmother by clicking here!

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