Sodalite For Healing


Sodalite is a stone a truth with a high vibration. If you are looking to develop you psychic abilities, this stone is for you. For healing your chakras, place Sodalite on your third eye and throat chakras for increasing intuition and boosting your clairvoyant abilities. Many people avoid the truth when it comes to looking at their own lives and how they got to where they are. Sodalite will help you to see the truth in your own life, which will lead to more self-discipline and better focus. This stone is perfect for enhancing your creativity and improving your intuition. Sodalite is also a great stone to keep under your pillow to assist with lucid dreaming and remembering them. An all around beautiful and powerful healing stone, Sodalite is great for protecting your body from harmful electromagnetic pollution being emitted by your electronic devices.

Sodalite Necklace For Healing

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