Rose Quartz

We all suffer from a broken heart at some point in our lives. The amazing gentle energy of Rose Quartz is the perfect cure for a broken heart. This crystal is THE crystal of Love. Rose Quartz is so powerful, you will feel the effects just by having it in the same room. Wearing this crystal in jewelry on a daily basis will make a huge difference in the way you feel. Rose Quartz releases negative emotions and replaces them with feelings of love, compassion and joy. Even people around you will feel the powerful effects of the Rose Quartz. For chakra healing, Rose Quartz can be placed on your heart chakra. Your throat, brow and crown chakras will also benefit from this crystal.

 Rose Quartz Pendant

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Price: $14.99


    • I just noticed the seller changed the listing. So glad you commented! I found a similar one, since that seller does not offer it anymore, and I will update my page as well 🙂 You can click here to check out the necklace!

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