Rhodonite is known for its emotional healing and is perfect for balancing the heart chakra. Wearing this crystal will help keep you emotionally stable when dealing with aRhodonite For Healing difficult situation. Rhodonite is also great to keep in your house for healing a troubled relationship. If you would like to stimulate your unconditional love towards others or recognize some hidden talents in yourself, use Rhodonite in meditation. If you are prone to panic attacks or have trouble forgiving others, wear or carry this crystal daily. Rhodonite is also a powerful physical healer! It has been known to help with arthritis, throat infections, lung problems, liver issues, skin conditions and can also provide a boost to your immune system.

Where does Rhodonite come from?

The name actually comes from Greek word meaning “rose.” Rhodonite has a beautiful pink color that can range from very light to an almost red shade. This crystal can be found almost anywhere including the United States, Germany, Russia, Sweden, Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Australia, Canada, India, South Africa, and Madagascar.

Rhodonite Metaphysical Properties

Rhodonite has a strong heart based energy and is excellent for emotional healing.This is the perfect stone to use to heal many relationship problems. Rhodonite can be used to balance the emotions, especially when going through a tough time. Known for its ability to stimulate unconditional love and forgiveness, Rhodonite is perfect for those who have trouble letting go of past wrong-doings of others. If you are having trouble finding out what your true talents are, using this crystal will help bring those talents to the surface.

 rhodonite metaphysical properties

Rhodonite Healing Properties

Along with all the emotional healing Rhodonite can bring, it is also a powerful physical healer. Carrying or wearing this stone is an excellent way to reduce stress in your life. Among the many benefits of this love stone, Rhodonite is a great healer for arthritis sufferers. This crystal can also be used to heal throat infections, lung problems, ulcers, kidney problems, issues with the gallbladder, panic attacks and skin conditions. Rhodonite is also an excellent crystal to use for boosting your immune system.

Rhodonite for Healing the Chakras

Being a pink stone, Rhodonite is perfect for using with the heart chakra. Balancing this chakra with Rhodonite will provide all types of emotional healing, and also makes it a great stone to wear in a necklace. This crystal can also be used to heal the base chakra. When placed on this chakra, Rhodonite can heal many hormonal problems. The darker the Rhodonite, the better for using with the base chakra, as the darker pink ones have a higher resonance. 

Best Rhodonite to buy, and where

Rhodonite Stone for SaleWhen looking for a Rhodonite stone for sale, keep in mind exactly how you would like to use this crystal. For general healing, for aligning the chakras, and for carrying in your bra or pocket, a small stone would be fine. Luckily Rhodonite can be found fairly easily and for a great price. If you click here, you can get half a pound of Rhodonite stones (shown in photo) for only $11.99.

I also suggest obtaining a dark pink stone with black manganese oxide inclusions, Rhodonite stone for salebecause of its higher vibration, which works best with your base chakra. If you happen to be pregnant, like me, dark pink Rhodonite is excellent for keeping all those wacky hormones in check. Larger stones are always more powerful healers, but are slightly harder to find. You can find a fairly large, dark pink Rhodonite stone here for only $33.10. (shown in photo)

Rhodonite necklaceAnother excellent way to benefit from Rhodonite’s healing properties is to wear it in jewelry. Rhodonite is extremely beneficial when worn daily, and can be found easily in many types of jewelry. Wearing it in a necklace is the best way to go, and you can obtain the necklace pictured by clicking here for only $11.99. You can also find a ring here or some cute earrings here.


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  1. Elasa, Your site is beautiful with the photo of this lovely crystal. I really enjoyed reading about its benefits and healing effects. I will be coming back to see your new posts. 🙂 Where do you get your images?


    • Thank you so much Jan. I get my images by searching Google images and filtering to show “free to use” photos. Thanks for stopping by, and I look forward to seeing you again 🙂

  2. Hi Elasa,

    where did you find out all this fascinating information about these stones. They’re beautiful. I really like the silver dragon wrapping itself around the stone. My oldest daughter will love it. Thanks, Cheers!

    • Hi Ed. Thanks for stopping by 🙂 I did tons of research into healing crystals before starting my own journey with them. I really like that dragon necklace too, I may have to grab one myself! Hope to see you again 🙂

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