Learn Meditation For Good! Success Is Right Around The Corner!

Learn Meditation For Good! Success Is Right Around The Corner!

Crystals Their Meanings

Yes you read that right. Why would success be right around the corner you might ask?

First we must answer the question of what success actually is. Success is defined as “the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.” 

What is your aim or purpose? What were you truly placed here on Earth to do? To accomplish? Each person on this planet not only shares the vibrations of the universe, but I believe that each also shares a higher destiny. Once this purpose is discovered we can finally begin to get a glimpse into what success truly means.


Meditation, the use of healing crystals, visualization, and positive reinforcement are just a few of the vehicles that people use to find out what lies inside each of us. Looking inward during moments of absolute peace, will give us much clarity into who we are, what we were put here to do, and many more things.

You deserve success. We all do. It is our birthright. 


So why don’t more people experience this elusive thing known as success? For a variety of reasons. Likely too many to be named. Most people have become trapped inside the “cube”. Unable to break free of social programming, they live their lives day to day. Accomplishing little. Giving less and less to the world around them. Blind to its sufferings and its beauty, they move to the next day…and repeat.

How do we break free of the cube? The Cube

Here are three ways that you can begin to take control back in your life, and begin to break down the matrix that has become your life.


1) Turn off the Tel-lie-vision. 


If ever there were a cube enabler it is the television. It is a tool that is used to get you to think a certain way, on a million different topics. All of it designed to ultimately get you to buy into a notion or product. The “powers that be” know this and they are filling your life with nonsense, all designed to keep you trapped in the cube. It’s called programming for a reason!

2) Cleansing of the Pineal gland. 

Effect of Fluoride on the Pineal Gland

Fluoride contained in most public water, toothpaste and a variety of other places, has been linked to Alzheimer’s disease and more. It is also a beautiful clogger of the pineal  gland. What exactly is the pineal gland? It is the location of your Third Eye. Your source of intuition. It the place of spiritual enlightenment. Did you know that there are actually photo receptors found there?

First you must de-calcify and  remove the toxic chemicals that have found themselves trapped there. Once they are removed from your pineal gland, you can begin the activation process. You will find that your meditations are experiencing massive breakthroughs.


3) Lastly, it is my firm belief that most humans feel that they are at the apex of the pyramid.

All things on Earth subject to man’s will. It is a lie that has permeated throughout history. It is why there is so much suffering. I’ve often been asked why God allows certain things to take place. My short answer. He (your higher power) doesn’t. We have allowed these sadnesses to take place. There is no suffering that we do not allow to occur by doing nothing to stop it.

We may have been given dominion over the world, however what we have lost sight of is that we are the Earth’s caretakers.  For too long man has believed the pyramid scheme. We are not the apex. We are instead found within a circle, with no life being held above another. No matter how big. No matter how small. Life is life. Life is beautiful. And every life should be treasured.

Man's circle

Taking these simple steps should begin you on your journey to capturing the ever elusive life changing success! If these tips have helped you let us know below! Share this page with your friends and help them begin their own journey of breaking free from the cube!

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  1. Wow, I have heard that Fluoride was actually bad for you, but your Website takes it to a whole new level. Makes me glad that I am not on City Water. Nice Job informing people!

    • Thank you for stopping by Michael! Be sure to sign up for the newsletter. There will be lots of eye opening information to come that you will want to check out. People have been fooled for a long time, however I believe that they are finally starting to wake up.

  2. A very interesting post! I learnt a lot of new things… I’ve never meditated before. I remember back in school we were practicing meditation in Hinduism, and me and this other guy just couldn’t stop laughing, but the teacher didn’t find it too funny lol. Maybe I’ll try it again one day!

    • One way to de-calcify the pineal gland is with crystals. There are many awesome crystals that can be placed on the Third Eye Chakra to specifically target the pineal gland. Some of the best to use include Herkimer Diamonds, Moldavite, Tanzanite, Herderite, Natrolite and Blue Kyanite. Cutting out fluoride is also very important when de-calcifying. Some other methods include, getting out in the sun, avoiding mercury, eating more vegetables and using more herbs like alfalfa and parsley. Blue Green Algae is also a “superfood” excellent for de-calcifying the pineal gland. Thank you for your question and let me know if you have any more 🙂

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