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Hello readers! My name is Elasa, and I own and manage I really enjoy providing everyone I can with valuable information 🙂 I love writing about crystals and many other natural healing methods. I believe we should, as a people, move away from pharmaceutical drugs and use natural remedies that God provided for us on this Earth. 

Help Out

I am a mother of 4 children with my youngest being 7 months old. I really enjoy being at home with my children and running this website! It does take enormous amounts of time and some money to keep this site up and running. All you, my readers, need to do is use the links below if you shop online 🙂 I do not need anything else!

If you ever need to purchase anything on eBay, instead of going directly to eBay, you can click this link here >>CLICK HERE<< and it will take you to eBay. The only difference is, if you purchase something (after using that link) I get a small percentage, and that will help me out tremendously!

This can also be done on Amazon if you like to shop there 🙂 just >>CLICK HERE<< to get to Amazon! Doing simply this will help me out a lot, and I really appreciate all of you!! I would love to continue to stay home and provide all this valuable information to the world 🙂

If you feel led to help out more proactively, you can always click the button below!

Thank you!!

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