Essential Oils, Pregnancy Nausea, 3 Do NOTS Expecting Mothers Need To Know

It truly is a shame that most of us simply end up learning through trial and error. 

Essential Oils For Healing

When I was sitting down to type “Essential Oils, Pregnancy Nausea, 3 DO NOTS Expecting Mothers Need To Know”, I felt the baby kick inside my tummy and thought back to the lessons I had learned from my prior pregnancies. Thank goodness for that!

I thought it might be helpful to pass along a few things that I have learned in an effort to keep you from being miserable through the use of essential oils. Nausea, vomiting, and many more “minor” ailments are quite commonplace during pregnancy but can impact the body in a very negative way.

Essential Oils Pregnancy Nausea

That doesn’t mean that we can’t take more control!

Guys that means you too. Understand that as our bodies begin going through the changes of pregnancy, things that ordinarily would not affect us; certain smells, foods, etc, begin to affect us on a level that is hard to fathom. That is why it becomes critically important to minimize the impact through the use of essential oils. Please read my reviews here of several different essential oils diffusers before purchasing. There are some which are above standard but several below.

Essential Oil Candle Diffuser

1) Do NOT use synthetic fragrances!!

Use only pure essential oils! 


As with most things in life, all-natural is usually preferred to synthetics. I have heard all my life that “If it ain’t broke….Don’t fix it.” Country? Absolutely, yet so true! Essential oils are experiencing quite the come back in recent years. The reason for this resurgence? People are realizing that often times man-made cures aren’t really cures at all, but instead, they simply add to the condition with more conditions!


2) Do NOT have prolonged exposure to essential oils.


It may sound pretty obvious to some, however one of the most common mistakes that unsuspecting pregnant mothers make is just that. As with most things when expecting, the line between what is healthy for you and the baby, and what is unhealthy becomes even thinner. While essential oils can help with nausea, vomiting, and many other symptoms, over use should be avoided.

3) Do NOT apply essential oils directly to the skin!


Essential oils may come in small packages most of the time, but they come to you highly concentrated. Without the dilution of the essential oil with a carrier oil (coconut oil, almond oil, etc), essential oils can cause skin reactions. This becomes even more essential to remember because you are pregnant.

Essential Oils Pregnancy Nausea

My favorite essential oil for nausea is peppermint oil, which is perfectly safe to use during pregnancy. You can find peppermint oil here. Some oils you should definitely not use, as they can be harmful during pregnancy, are rosemary, basil, jasmine, nutmeg, sage, rose, juniper berry, and clary sage. As always consult your physician.

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  1. I love essential oils, and I know they are great to address different kinds of problems. It is interesting to know that, if overused, they can cause pregnancy nausea. You are right, too much exposure to these oils isn’t recommended no matter how pleasant they are. Great article!

    • Thank you so much for stopping by! I’m happy you enjoyed it. You are so right, they have so many helpful uses. Please come back soon and sign up for our weekly newsletter if you like!

  2. I’ll be careful with essential oils if I get pregnant. I’m already more sensitive than the average person to smells and sounds, so I wonder how I’ll be when pregnant. Maybe I’ll be lucky and go the opposite way becoming less sensitive haha.

    • That would be nice! Most pregnant women experience that heightened sense of smell, which is great sometimes and really horrible other times lol. As long as you don’t use the essential oils for a prolonged period of time and avoid the oils pregnant women shouldn’t use, you should get by without any problems! Thanks for visiting and hope to see you again! 🙂

  3. Essential oils are amazing, they can smell so beautiful and very powerful. How can you tell which are synthetic and which are natural, especially over the internet?

    • You essentially have to take the seller’s word for it. If using Amazon, for example, the listing will say if it is synthetic or natural. Yes, some may lie, but this is why I buy from sellers with excellent ratings. Plus, Amazon has excellent return policies, in case someone is not completely honest in their listing. Hopefully that helps you out a little 🙂

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