Crystals for Healing Your Chakras




First Chakra – Root

The first chakra is located at the base of the spine. If you suffer from constipation, obesity, leg pain, toothaches or arthritis your Root Chakra may be unbalanced.

While balancing your own chakras, you should place one of these crystals at the base of your spine for healing.

Garnet For HealingGarnet is a powerful and energizing crystal. Placing this crystal on the base of your spine will help you feel energized and healthy. It can also improve your sex drive! 

Obsidian For HealingBlack Obsidian is very powerful and works fast. Placing this stone at the base of the spine specifically helps with arthritis and digestive health. 


Second Chakra – Belly

The second chakra is located between the navel and the pubic bone. If you suffer from low libido, infertility, or bladder problems you second chakra may be unbalanced.

While balancing your own chakras, you should place one of these crystals below your navel for healing.

Amber For HealingAmber has been said to draw out disease from the body. It can help with many ailments related to your spleen, gallbladder, stomach and liver.

Carnelian For HealingCarnelian is said to increase fertility and libido. It is also excellent for bringing on happiness and increasing your self-esteem.


Third Chakra – Solar Plexus

The third chakra is located between the base of the rib cage and the navel. If you are suffering from stomach ulcers, diabetes, digestive issues, allergies or fatigue, your solar plexus chakra may be unbalanced.

While balancing your own chakras, you should place one of these crystals above your navel for healing.

Ametrine For HealingAmetrine can be used strengthen the immune system. It can also provide relief from fatigue, depression, tension headaches and stress related diseases.

Jasper For HealingYellow Jasper can help with stress and feelings of anxiety. It is said to also aid in digestion. This stone can even be carried with you to aid with motion sickness.


Fourth Chakra – Heart

The heart chakra is located in the center of the chest and is connected to everything dealing with the heart, like love and compassion. Also, if you are experience any ailments in the chest area, balancing this chakra will help with that.

While balancing your own chakras, pink and green stones and crystals are the best for the Heart Chakra. The list of crystals that can be used with this chakra would be pretty extensive. I have selected my two favorites for balancing the Heart Chakra.

Rose Quartz For HealingRose Quartz is a very powerful crystal when it comes to love and happiness. Keeping this crystal close to you will have a huge impact on how happy you feel, and will even affect those around you.

Green Kyanite For HealingGreen Kyanite can be used to align all chakras, and I recommend using this crystal before using all others. Kyanite is also the most powerful healing crystal for physical ailments.

Fifth Chakra – Throat

The fifth chakra is located on the neck above the collarbone. If you are suffering from a sore throat or any thyroid issues, balancing this chakra will greatly improve your condition. This chakra is also connected to your ears and balancing it will especially improve your “psychic” hearing. This chakra also controls your speaking abilities.

While balancing your own chakras, blue stones and crystals work best for the Throat Chakra.

Kyanite For HealingBlue Kyanite is the best crystal to use for this chakra. This crystal is excellent for relieving pain in the area and may also help stimulate your telepathic abilities. Blue Kyanite is also effective in improving communication.

Lapis Lazuli For HealingLapis Lazuli is an amazingly powerful crystal and is easy to obtain. If you would like to rid yourself of any emotional baggage, Lapis Lazuli is perfect for that. This crystal also helps with throat ailments and boosting your creativity.

Sixth Chakra – Third Eye or Brow

The sixth chakra is located in the middle of the forehead, just above the eyebrows. If you are suffering from headaches, nightmares, vision problems, glaucoma, or concentration issues, your Third Eye Chakra may be unbalanced. Balancing this chakra will also improve your intuition.

While balancing your own chakras, place one of these crystals on your forehead for healing.

Fluorite For HealingPurple and Green Fluorite are excellent crystals to use for the Brow Chakra. Both help greatly with your intuition. These crystals will also help protect you from deception and fraud.

 Turquoise For HealingAlso a great stone for the Throat Chakra, Turquoise is excellent for the Brow Chakra. Sometimes called the “Master Healer”, Turquoise can be used on any chakra for many ailments, and with the Brow Chakra, will relieve headaches and improve intuition.

Seventh Chakra – Crown

The Crown Chakra is the seventh, and final, chakra and is located at the top of your head. The Crown Chakra is where spiritual energy enters the body and is the area you want to balance to connect to your higher self. Before balancing this chakra, be sure to align all chakras with kyanite. This chakra oversees and governs all of the other chakras. If you would love to obtain that “psychic knowing”, this is the chakra to heal.

While balancing your own chakras, use these crystals to heal the Crown Chakra. There are several high energy crystals that are excellent for the Crown, but many are hard to obtain. No worries, if you are meant to have a certain crystal, it will find you.

Amethyst For HealingFor powerful spiritual healing, Amethyst is easy to obtain and will also ward off psychic attacks. Using this on your Crown Chakra will improve your psychic energy and can even be worn for protection and creativity.

Herderite For Psychic HealingHerderite is a rare stone and may be hard to find, but is great for enhancing your clairvoyance. This powerful crystal will also improve your motivation. While meditating with Herderite, you will definitely notice a new sensation that is a little hard to explain. If you’ve ever felt drawn to this crystal, it is the crystal for you to improve your psychic abilities.

Natrolite For HealingIf you would like to work on your spiritual growth, one of the most powerful crystals to use is Natrolite. This crystal can be used for harmonizing the nervous system. When meditating with this crystal you will notice some major personal shifts. 


  1. I’m new to all of this but I’ve always loved stones/ crystals since I was a child. I need all of the above crystals. Where can I get them all reasonably? I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia since Age 20, I am now 50. I have 2 total knees, foot fusion after 4 other surgeries on that foot and presently recovering from a spinal fusion. I need all the help I can get!!

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