Crystal Healing Success Stories

Why do healing crystals work?

Skeptics will say “crystals can’t possibly work because some scientist hasn’t given me any proof”. I know that if any skeptic tries healing with crystals and is receptive to them, they will be amazed to find that they DO actually work!

The science behind healing crystals and stones, is that each has its own unique vibration, which resonates with the frequencies in your body. When certain stones and crystals are used with the chakras, you will definitely notice that feeling of being more “balanced”. The billions of cells in your body have electromagnetic charges. Each crystal and stone has its own electromagnetic charge. When you put 1 and 1 together, there are most definitely effects. Crystals have been useful in everything from biodynamic farming to lasers, and can be found in everyday products such as wrinkle cream.

Healing Crystals Work

In the Bible, specific gemstones and crystals are mentioned frequently. When God gave Moses specific instruction on building everything for the priest, including his breastplate, many gemstones were mentioned, including onyx, gold, ruby, sapphire, emerald, amethyst, and much more. You can find this information in the book of Exodus. God knows the meanings of his own creations (crystals and stones) and told Moses to use specific stones. We, as crystal users, know how powerful healing crystals are. Also, in Revelation, many specific stones are mentioned when John was shown New Jerusalem.

If you have had any experience with healing crystals and stones, you know that healing crystals work. I would love to hear your success stories here on this page. Please leave a comment below.



  1. From Cynthia B.
    “I have a neat experience to share, about crystals. I recently made myself a Black Tourmaline and Golden Sheen Obsidian necklace. I hadn’t had a chance to try it out for how I will feel wearing it (the effects). A little background here – I have a head cold that doesn’t act like a typical head cold. I’m thinking it’s some other virus that has similar effects but with stomach cramping also. After working all day yesterday amongst many people, today I’ve been feeling pretty…toxic. I’ve been coughing a lot more and feeling not good. I even took a nap this morning. So, tonight I decided to put on the necklace to check out how I feel with it. I made it to help with grounding and negative energies. I put it on. Within maybe 3 minutes, I sensed a blur in my left eye and a pulling down sensation in the left side of my forehead. It lasted about 10 seconds. In about a few minutes it happened again. Weird. I know that this cold started in my left side of my forehead (sinus). But then, about an hour later, I noticed I feel like I’m 85% better. In fact, I feel like this head cold is pretty much gone. I’m not coughing and feel good, not toxic anymore. The wonders of Black Tourmaline and Golden Sheen Obsidian”

  2. I was walking around the area a few days back when I came upon a bent/out of shape sterling silver ring with 5 small amber chips set in and around the ring. The three largest amber chips are orange/amber in colors.. while the other two chips are green. It’s been confirmed that the ring is sterling silver and the amber is real. Taking the ring home I reshaped it and gave the ring a good cleaning.. I placed it in the jewelry box and didn’t think much of it.

    Yesterday.. I though just maybe I would wear that ring.. and placed it on my pinky ring finger (left hand) for the past 24 hours.. the ring has been humming (for lack of a better word) I don’t feel any pressure or lack of circulation on my finger, which I thought might be the issue..

    So it would seem as if I have a new friend in the amber family.. and I’ll have to do more research on the properties of amber just to see if there is any benefit other than the humming.

  3. Hi
    I am looking for something for my son to wear, he is only 10 and growing very fast, but always seems to get injured in sport. Is there a crystal he can wear around his neck to help protect him.
    Many thanks

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