British Label Blaak Launching Healing Jeans With Lapis Lazuli

If you love the healing benefits of Lapis Lazuli, you’ll love this new product! Imagine wearing your favorite healing crystal all throughout the day…in your jeans! British

Blaak Healing Jeans
Image provided by Blaak

fashion label Blaak is launching jeans with Lapis Lazuli attached to the interior of the waistband. The co-founder of Blaak, Aaron Sharif, says “Lapis Lazuli makes you feel more grounded,” and the stones will not break in the washing machine like some other healing crystals.

“We wanted to go back to the root of when we started Blaak,” explained Sharif, who cofounded the label in 1998 with Sachiko Okada. Initially a denim label, the brand changed its offer to ready-to-wear, presenting during London Fashion Week between 2001 and 2004 and in Paris between 2004 and 2011. “We stopped rtw in 2012 and started researching the stones’ technique.” 

“Over the last two years we have been researching the amazing world of crystal healing, and have developed a way to apply the power of specific natural semi precious crystals to our jeans. Without shouting on the outside our 5 pocket denim is simple in silhouette, minimal in hard wear, and with discreet stitching. The secret lies in the mind blowing Blaakscience which is happening inside, leaving only the wearer in the know,” reads a statement from the brand.

Lapis Lazuli is one of the most sought after stones for healing and is perfect for clearing away emotional baggage. A universal symbol of wisdom and truth, Lapis is also used for skin conditions, insomnia and even to improve memory. To read more about all the healing benefits of Lapis Lazuli, click here!

These jeans will also have genuine copper buttons on the fly. Stated in Blaak’s crystal book, “Copper is both a superconductor as well as

Copper Button on Jeans
Image provided by Blaak

antimicrobial. When this element enters our auric field it draws energy to that particular part of the body. Being placed around the second chakra it brings harmony to this area of pleasure, enjoyment and emotional stability.”

Also, “the monogram print on the pocketing is coated with a specially developed permanent titanium mineral matrix. This is designed to trap and reflect back the body’s precious Chi/Prana life force.”

These amazing jeans will be available for purchase from Blaak beginning the end of May for 250 British pounds, or $371. They will have one style for men in three colors — indigo, black denim and overdyed black denim, but will hopefully have more styles! We will update you here on this website as soon as they become available! Sign up for our newsletter to the right to be notified immediately! You can check out Blaak’s official website at However, they will be launching a site specific to the denim soon.

Feel free to leave your thoughts about these new jeans below!

Blaak Healing Jeans
Image provided by Blaak

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    1. I am unsure about that one. I am hoping so though! I will definitely be letting the designer know we would like to see women’s jeans as well.

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