Birthstones Month List: Birthstones, Their Meanings and Healing Properties

Looking for a detailed birthstones month list? Birthstones originated when a Jewish historian, Josephus, believed there was a connection between the stones in Aaron’s Breastplate, the 12 months of the year, and the 12 zodiacs. Interpretations and translations of that passage from Exodus vary widely, so we may not know exactly which stones were used. However, the modern list of birthstones has little to do with Aaron’s Breastplate now, due to confusing translations and various customs and tastes. Actually wearing a single birthstone is only a few centuries old.

In 1912, the official list was adopted by the National Association of Jewelers in America. It’s been altered slightly since then, and below you will find the modern list of birthstones, their meanings and their healing properties.

January Birthstone – Garnet

Most born in January are ambitious, but sometimes lack confidence and self-esteem. Since the healing powers of Garnet are stronger in January and for those born in January, you should wear or carry this stone for a boost to your self-esteem. Garnet is also considered a very lucky stone that brings success in all areas of life. Wearing this stone also offers its protection against physical harm and evil. If you are buying Garnet as a gift, it is the perfect stone for a friend, because it signifies trust and eternal friendship.

Birthstone Jewelry For January

Garnet worn in a necklace is a great healer for the heart and lungs. Even those not born in January will benefit greatly from wearing Garnet during the month of January.Garnet Necklace: Birthstone Jewelry For January

Retail price of Garnet necklace pictured: $52.72

Best value online: $32.99 (Amazon)


February Birthstone – Amethyst

Most of you born in February are very active mentally, making it hard to shut off your brain and go to sleep at night. Luckily for you, Amethyst is an excellent sleep aid and bringer of peace. Wearing Amethyst jewelry or putting the stone under your pillow will benefit everyone with sleep, but especially those of you born in February. Wearing Amethyst will also inspire your creativity and provide some powerful spiritual healing.

Birthstone Jewelry For February

Amethyst is best when worn in earrings, inspiring creativity and heightened intuition. Wearing Amethyst can even enhance your psychic abilities.Birthstone Jewelry For February: Amethyst Earrings

Retail price of Amethyst Earrings pictured: $125.00

Best value online: $34.99 (Amazon)


March Birthstone – Aquamarine

Aquamarine is the stone of the sea, and seamen used to carry the stone to promote safe travels and protect them from drowning. If you were born in March, I don’t have to tell you that you have a very sensitive nature, which can sometimes influence you to avoid making hard decisions. Aquamarine is known to bring increased intellect, enhance your reasoning ability and promote logic. Wearing this stone can help you to think quickly and come up with solutions to many everyday problems. Aquamarine has also been known to help relieve symptoms of liver problems.

Birthstone Jewelry For March

Aquamarine is perfect for the Heart Chakra to help you realize your Aquamarine Necklace: Birthstone Jewelry For Marchinnermost truth. Wearing this stone close to the heart will help you to release some of your old bad habits and in turn increase your growth as a person. Also, wearing Aquamarine in a necklace will help to heal many types of throat ailments. 

Retail price of Aquamarine Necklace pictured: $129.00

Best value online: $49.95 (Amazon)



April Birthstone: Diamond

Those lucky enough to be born in April have the most sought after gemstone as their birthstone. Diamonds are symbols of purity and commitment. Those of you born in April have a lot of energy, and procrastination is not in your dictionary. You are the one to get things done! Diamonds increase that energy even more and bring strength and endurance. These valuable stones also help to bring clarity of mind, which will help lower some of that impulsiveness and help you to pay attention to detail.

Birthstone Jewelry For April

Wearing diamonds will bring love and clarity in your relationships. Since diamonds are excellent stones for the brain, wearing them in earrings can treat dizziness and vertigo. Diamonds are also great for many eye problems, like glaucoma or impaired eyesight. They can also stimulate your creativity and imagination. Diamond Earrings: Birthstone Jewelry For April

Retail price of 1/2ct Diamond Earrings pictured: $499.00

Best value online: $299.95 (Amazon)


May Birthstone – Emerald

The Emerald is a symbol of rebirth, and it’s said whoever is lucky enough to possess this stone will have good fortune. Emeralds are also bringers of prosperity, which is perfect for those born in May, because you are great with finances and very persistent. Emeralds have a strong loving vibration, making them perfect for bringing love and compassion to your life. If you wear an emerald in your daily life, you will notice the many benefits this stone brings to your love life.

Birthstone Jewelry For May

Because of the loving vibration of Emeralds, many wear Emerald in an engagement ring. Emeralds are also perfect for wearing in a necklace close to your heart chakra. Great for blocking negativity and bringing happiness, Emeralds are excellent stones to wear daily.Emerald ring birthstone

Retail price of Emerald Ring pictured: $599.00

Best price online: $299.99 (Amazon)


June Birthstones – Pearl, Alexandrite, Moonstone

Those lucky enough to be born in June have three birthstones! Those of you with June birthdays have many interests and love learning about everything you possibly can. Pearls bring truth, loyalty and integrity to those who possess it. They are also powerful healers, said to help with fertility issues. Alexandrite is a stone of courage and is excellent for reducing stress, which those of you born in June will greatly benefit from. Wearing Alexandrite is also great for those of you who experience motion sickness. Considered a sacred stone in India, Moonstone brings strength and inner growth. Physically, this stone helps with digestive problems, the liver and the pancreas.

Birthstone Jewelry For June

Out of the three June Birthstones, Pearls are by far my favorite. Pearls Pearl Necklace: Birthstone Jewelry For Junehave unique frequencies of energy vibrations that have a strong calming effect and help you connect to your “inner goddess”. Wearing pearls in jewelry is also beneficial for healing digestive issues and skin conditions.

Retail price of Pearl Necklace pictured: $339.99

Best value online: $89.99 (Amazon)


July Birthstone – Ruby

Those born in July are highly emotional and very receptive to other people’s moods and energies. Ruby is a stone of nobility and brings passion, prosperity and protection. Quality rubies are rare and are one of the hardest stones, second only to diamonds. Wearing rubies is said to protect and sustain those with sensitive natures. Perfect for wearing during love making, rubies are said to bring more passion in the bedroom and can even help with your chances to conceive. 

Birthstone Jewelry For July

Wearing Rubies in jewelry will help give you energy throughout the day.Ruby Necklace: Birthstone Jewelry For July Some have said that wearing Rubies help calm hyperactivity. Rubies stimulate the heart, so wearing them in a necklace can be very beneficial. While wearing a Ruby necklace, you will notice an increase in your motivation, concentration and confidence.

Retail price of Ruby Necklace pictured: $944.99

Best value online: $472.88 (Amazon)



August Birthstones – Peridot, Sardonyx

Being born in August, you are big-hearted, generous and loyal. For some of you born in late August, you can also be hot headed. Therefore, Sardonyx is perfect to wear to boost your self control. Sardonyx is also a highly protective stone, used by Greeks and Romans during battle to bring courage and victory. Sardonyx is actually a mix of Onyx and Carnelian so it brings the healing properties of both stones. Wear Sardonyx to bring confidence, creativity, integrity, motivation and discipline. For those of you born in August with a lack of assertiveness, wearing Peridot will increase your confidence and assertiveness. Peridots have also been known to boost strength and bring more prosperity. 

Birthstone Jewelry For August

Because Peridot vibrates strongly with the heart chakra, I recommendPeridot Necklace: Birthstone Jewelry For August wearing Peridot in a necklace. Wearing Peridot is also said to heal ulcers and heart and lung problems. This stone also helps the wearer let go of anger and feel more at ease.

Retail price of Peridot necklace pictured: $78.00

Best value online: $32.03 (Amazon)



September Birthstone – Sapphire 

Everyone knows that those born in September are perfectionists and pay great attention to detail, but sometimes have difficulty with communication. Those born in September are often full of wisdom, which makes the “wisdom stone”, Sapphire a perfect fit. Wearing Sapphire helps those with communication problems to express themselves more freely. Sapphires are believed to bring good fortune, spiritual insight and protection, and were worn by medieval clergy to symbolize heaven. Sapphire has also been known to heal headaches, fevers, eye problems and ear problems.

Birthstone Jewelry For September

Sapphire is best used with the throat chakra for improving your ability toSapphire Necklace: Birthstone Jewelry For September communicate your thoughts, feelings and beliefs. Wearing Sapphire also helps prevent you from shutting down emotionally and can help calm and focus the mind.

Retail price for Sapphire Necklace pictured: $449.00

Best value online: $229.00 (Amazon)



October Birthstones – Tourmaline, Opal

The coolest thing about the two October Birthstones is that they can be a wide range of colors and sometimes multi-colored. A lot of you born in October have the gift of gab, but will sometimes be too agreeable, not expressing your own opinions. To promote more self-confidence and diminish fear, you should wear Tourmaline daily. This stone also brings compassion, strength and understanding. Opal is a stone of inspiration, which can increase your creativity and help with easing into a major change in your life. Opal can enhance your memory and physically heal headaches and boost the immune system.

Birthstone Jewelry for October

Tourmaline kept close to the heart will help heal heart conditions and ward off negative energy. Pink Tourmaline helps release stress and can even improve your sense of smell. Also a great stone for depression and motion sickness.Pink Tourmaline Necklace and Earrings: Birthstone Jewelry For October

Retail Price for Tourmaline Jewelry pictured: $204.00

Best value online: $69.99 (Amazon)


November Birthstones – Topaz, Citrine

Another lucky group of people to have more than one birthstone are those born in November. Speaking of lucky, Citrine is called the “success stone” and is thought to bring good luck and success. Also, Topaz is a stone of good fortune. Combining your motivation with the powers of citrine and topaz is sure to bring great success in your life. Those of you born in November happen to be vengeful, so wearing Topaz daily will help bring forgiveness of others instead of that urge for revenge. Topaz will also help stabilize your emotions and release tension.

Birthstone Jewelry For November

Topaz can be found in many colors with blue being my personal favorite. Blue Topaz is said to bring wisdom and aid in communication. Perfect toBlue Topaz Necklace wear in a necklace, this stone can also help with digestion issues.

Retail price for Blue Topaz Necklace pictured: $247.96

Best value online: $64.99 (Amazon)




December Birthstones – Tanzanite, Zircon, Turquoise 

Being born in December, you are most likely optimistic and very confident. Most born in December also have a sort of sixth sense, and Tanzanite has a high vibration that helps develop psychic powers. This powerful stone will also help accelerate spiritual growth. Zircon crystals have been used for years to simulate diamonds and can be found in a wide range of colors, red being the most prized. Zircon is an excellent stone for developing your intuition. Turquoise is the most common stone of the three and is known for its protective powers. Native Americans have been using this stone for hundreds of years to protect against evil and physical harm.

Birthstone Jewelry for December

Out of the three, I would choose blue Tanzanite, because of its strong Blue Tanzanite Necklace: Birthstone Jewelry For Decemberhealing powers and excellent value. Best when worn closest to the heart chakra, a Tanazanite necklace is my choice for aiding in communication and spiritual growth. Especially effective for those born in December, blue Tanzanite has been known to bring on clairvoyant abilities. Combining Tanzanite with a Diamond will also help with commitment, which those born in December may need.

Retail price of Tanzanite and Diamond Necklace pictured: $699.00

Best value online: $349.99 on

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Please comment your favorite birthstones, or any questions you may have, below!




    • Thanks Peggy! Our intent here is to help as many people as possible realize that everything in the universe is connected. It is that very connection and resonance that give the crystals the power to help us.

  1. Hey
    My birthstones is November so that Means topaz (blue) and citrine. Where can I find both of them? Not expensive and legit? How do I know they are real? Do I have to wear them as jewelry, or can I have them in my pocket or in a box?
    What can you tell me about merlinite? Azurite (blue) stone? I cannot stop thinking about them.

    • Hey Rebecca. Even though Citrine is a little more expensive than some of the healing stones, the best value I’ve found for genuine Citrine is a pendant that can either be carried in your pocket or placed on a chain. Click here to check it out!

      Any color of topaz is great for those born November. The best value I’ve found is a single blue topaz tumbled stone. It is more expensive when placed in jewelry, but carrying the tumbled stone in your pocket or bra will still have many benefits. Click here to see the tumbled stone!

      If purchasing online, the best way to tell if a stone or crystal you are purchasing is real is to check the wording in the seller’s post. Look for words like “genuine” and stay away from words like “simulated.” When you actually hold the crystal, if it has bubbles, residue or melting it is most likely not real. Real crystals almost always have impurities in them, and there will be vertical lines when held up to the light.

      If you are unable to wear certain crystals and stones in jewelry, carrying them in your pocket or bra will still be beneficial. We wear certain crystals in necklaces because it is right next to the heart chakra. It is best not to keep the crystals in a box, while using them for healing, but is fine for storage. They are also perfect for placing on the chakras while meditating. I have an article on healing the chakras if you are interested. If you click the link near the bottom of that page, it will also take you to the best crystals to use for each chakra.

      The reason you cannot stop thinking about those 2 crystals in particular is because you are drawn to them. People are drawn to certain stones because they resonate specifically to a person’s energies. The ones that you are drawn to will be most beneficial, and when you are lucky enough to have crystals “call” to you, you should definitely obtain some.

      The vibrations of Blue Azurite resonate exactly with the frequency of the Third Eye Chakra. It is used for awakening the psychic and intuitive self. This stone is best when making contact with the skin, and you should place it in the middle of your forehead while meditating to open your mind and bring on spiritual awareness. Azurite is also great for releasing stress, worry and sadness. For physical healing, this stone has been known to help with migraines and joint problems. Blue azurite can be hard to find, especially for a good price. The best value I’ve found is a bracelet with blue azurite and citrine stones. Click here!

      I find it curious that you are drawn to stones that contain high psychic vibrations, such as Merlinite and Azurite. Perhaps you should look into that further, your body may be telling you to awaken your psychic abilities. Merlinite can be hard to find. “Mystic Merlinite” is not genuine merlinite found in New Mexico, look for the word “dendritic” when purchasing Merlinite. This stone is a stone of good luck and will help you make contact with the deeper, darker parts of yourself. Merlinite was named after the wizard, Merlin, because of its attributes to attract mystical and magical experiences in your life. When meditating with this stone, it is best to have psychic protection stones on you as well. Some psychic protection stones are smoky quartz, amethyst, tourmaline and clear quartz. Click here to check out a Merlinite pendant>.

      Also, in case you would like a protection stone, click here to check out some smoky quartz!

      Let me know if you have any more questions 🙂

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