Are Crystals Evil? The Spiritual Meaning of Stones May Surprise You!

Are crystals evil

Are Crystals Evil?  Well, the spiritual meaning of stones may just surprise you. 


To answer that question definitively would be to say no. Inherently as with most things in this world both natural and man-made, healing stones and crystals are quite simply put, tools. A tool is in and of itself neutral. It is the intent of the individual which gives any tool its power.

Just as a gun in the hands of the wrong person can have a negative impact, so too can be negative energies focused more intently with healing stones and crystals. Now this is not to compare the immediate destructive power that a firearm can produce to the energies that can be focused through crystal implementation, but to illustrate the parallel that all tools can be used for good and ill. 

 Healing stones and crystals

The perversion of evil lives in the hearts of all men.

One need look no further than the Bible for evidence that God intended for his creation to utilize and harness all that He made. While advancements in modern medicine have made great strides in creating cures for various ailments, the evil that lives in the hearts of mankind has once again made its presence felt. Billions of dollars are spent every year in the research and development of new drugs. The problems begin to show themselves when side effects far outnumber the original cause. Add to that the additional billions spent on advertising and you have effectively created a customer instead of a cure.

Modern medicine is big business.

Let that sink in a moment. Modern medicine has become one of the most lucrative fields to be in. Doctors are discouraged from prescribing holistic or natural cures. Instead, the pharmaceutical companies offer them kickbacks each time that one of their medicines are prescribed. So what becomes the driving factor in this equation? Money. 

When the love of money becomes the motivating factor in anything, then anything that contradicts the status quo becomes taboo and forced into the background. It becomes frowned upon. However, healing stones and crystals along with other natural methods have seen quite the resurgence in recent times. Why? I believe it to be because people in all walks of life are beginning to realize that what God has provided us is far superior in most cases than anything that man can make.

Modern Medicine’s place

This is not to say that modern medicine doesn’t have its place. It does. Where is that place? I suppose that is a question that each individual must answer for themselves. As for me and my house, that place exists only after every natural method has been exhausted.

Feel free to leave your thoughts below! You can also check out the first installment of “Crystals and the Bible” here!


  1. You have shared some very interesting thoughts here. I agree that a good thing in the hands of the wrong person might turn into a bad one.

  2. You speak a whole lot of truth about Doctors, Drug Companies, and Government. It is always about the Money more than anything else. Sure a lot of Mythology about various Crystals, but still not the answer for our Good Health. Good Job on Website!

    • Thanks so much! There are many natural cures all over the planet that God put here for us, and I do not agree with the big drug companies trying to “play God” and only providing “cures” to make more and more money. More and more people are dying from pharmaceutical drugs, and I hope we can move away from relying on man-made drugs and search for all the natural remedies throughout the world. Crystals are just one of many options people can use for a healthier life. 🙂

  3. I am a supporter of both science and nature as a means of healing illnesses and injuries. I will agree that there are many medications that are over prescribed, but the new breed of healthcare professionals more open to holistic methods (my internist included).

    As for the power of crystals? Are they hocus pocus or a legitimate alternative to the more evasive treatment options? I’ve not made up my mind, but you communicate your ideas well and your site certainly could be a fantastic resource for anyone to learn more about crystals.

    • The new breed sounds much better than the old breed then lol. People (myself included) who use crystals, speak about their effectiveness. Everything in the universe is connected through vibrations. It is these vibrations and their interaction with each other that causes different effects to take place. Each crystal carries its own unique vibrations. Throughout history evidence can be seen of their use. One need only look to Egypt who had a much more advanced civilization than they’ve been given credit for.

  4. It’s kind of amazing that natural sources of well being aren’t a major part of modern day society. The money factor must be a big influence. There is no money in the cure. Other than money, fear of other beliefs or just good, old-fashioned ignorance….I really don’t understand what’s holding our society back. Is there any other obstacles that you can see?

  5. This is a great post, I realize that crystals are a tool but the only shop I can buy them that’s close to me is a crystal shop where the owners practice dark magic. Do you think these crystals could be tainted in anyway?

    • No I don’t think so. Even if they wanted to “corrupt” the stone or crystal, it seems to me that being simply a “tool” the crystal or stone would simply take on the energies of the possessor.

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