If you are looking for powerful spiritual healing, Amethyst is the perfect crystal. Known to the ancients as the “Gem of Fire”, Amethyst is said toAmethyst Stone Meaning help tap into higher levels of consciousness. Wearing amethyst will help ward off psychic attacks and inspire more creativity. Placing this crystal on your navel chakra will also help cure addictions. Amethyst is also a great sleep aid and brings peace. 


What is an Amethyst?

Amethyst is a beautiful purple quartz crystal that can be found all over the world. Some call prasiolite green amethyst, but it is not actually true Amethyst. Also, what people call black Amethyst is not true Amethyst. Genuine Amethyst is only found in the violet color it is known for.

Amethyst crystals have been used since ancient times for healing. The Greeks used to make their goblets with Amethyst, believing it would prevent them from becoming inebriated. This crystal is used today to help beat addictions. Luckily for us, Amethyst can be found almost anywhere, and originates from many countries including Russia, India, Sri Lanka, Europe, East Africa, United States, Canada, Bolivia, Uruguay, Mexico, and Brazil.

Amethyst Stone Meaning and Healing Properties

Why are Amethyst crystals so popular? Besides being extremely beautiful and mesmerizing, Amethyst has a strong vibration that provides powerful healing, spiritually, emotionally and physically. This is the best crystal to use to aid you in beating an addiction. Amethyst is also a powerful protective stone that can be placed in your home or worn on the body to protect you from negative energies, evil and physical harm. 

Amethyst Stone Meaning

Amethyst is also widely used as an aid for peaceful sleep and nightmare prevention. This crystal can be worn to help relieve depression, anger, sadness and anxiety. Amethyst is also an excellent crystal to use to improve your intuition and clairvoyant abilities. After obtaining an Amethyst crystal, you will feel its healing energies immediately. This stone is one of the best to use on a daily basis. If you wear and use Amethyst daily, you should cleanse it regularly, in order for it to maintain its powerful healing properties. If you would like detailed information on cleansing your crystal, click here!

Not only is Amethyst a powerful spiritual and emotional healer, it can help heal many physical ailments. By just having an Amethyst crystal near you, your blood circulation will improve. This crystal can also increase antioxidant activity within your body! If you have any lung problems, like bronchitis or pneumonia, Amethyst is an excellent healing crystal to use for the lungs. Wearing this crystal will also enhance your body’s natural wound healing process, allowing cuts, scrapes and bruises to heal more quickly.

Amethyst Birthstone Meaning

Amethyst Birthstone MeaningAmethyst is February’s birthstone, so this crystal will naturally be even more powerful in the month of February and for those born in February. All the healing benefits of Amethyst that I mentioned before also applies to birthstones and gemstones that can be found almost anywhere. Because most of those born in February have very active minds, it can be hard to shut that brain off to go to sleep at night. Amethyst is an excellent sleep aid, and can be placed under your pillow to help you relax.Amethyst Silver Jewelry Earrings

When searching for an Amethyst birthstone, consider buying some earrings. Because the ears are in close proximity to the brain, wearing these earrings will help improve your intuition and boost creativity. Wearing Amethyst earrings may even improve your psychic abilities! The good news is you can obtain the natural Amethyst earrings pictured for only $34.99 by clicking here!

Amethyst for Healing Your Chakras

When meditating with crystals, Amethyst is best when used with the Third Eye Chakra, the Crown Chakra and the Navel Chakra. For more information on Chakra healing and the locations of each chakra, click here. If you need assistance with meditation, you can check out five techniques here to use that will guarantee successful meditation.

Using Amethyst with the Third Eye Chakra will improve intuition and creativity. It will also enhance your psychic abilities and clairvoyant abilities! The Crown Chakra can become blocked over time, limiting your ability for spiritual growth. While meditating, place Amethyst on your Crown Chakra to unblock this chakra and allow your mind to be opened. This will allow you to experience powerful spiritual growth. You will immediately feel calmer and more complete. This method can also be used for those with brain disorders to help alleviate the symptoms. Using Amethyst with your Navel Chakra will help you beat your addictions.

Where to Buy Amethyst

Amethyst can easily be found in many stores and online. I have searched for the best Buy Amethyst Geodesdeals online and thought I should share them with you. Many have asked me where they can buy Amethyst geodes because they are so beautiful. Small geodes can be found for a great price online. Larger genuine geodes are slightly more expensive, but also readily available. You can click here for a large geode like the one pictured, or you can click here for a smaller Amethyst Geode for only $17.60.


Amethyst Pendulum For HealingAmethyst Pendulums are also excellent healers and can be found for a great price online. The pendulum pictured is only $7.99 and can be found here.


If you would prefer Amethyst Silver Jewelry, you can find earrings, rings, necklaces, andAmethyst Silver Jewelry Ring bracelets almost anywhere. If you like the Sterling Silver Amethyst Ring pictured, you can get one here for only $20.75.



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  1. I’ve always loved the beauty of the crystal Amethyst. I had no idea it had so many healing type properties. I would much rather be wearing a piece of Amethyst jewelry that has healing powers than be taking prescription medications for the ailments you listed. Love the idea of wearing earrings as they are closer to your brain and could help you to be more creative! Amethyst is really more than just its beauty.

    • I love Amethyst too. And I definitely prefer natural healing, like crystals, over any type of pharmaceuticals. They are much more beneficial and have no negative side effects 🙂

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