Learn Meditation For Good! Success Is Right Around The Corner!

Learn Meditation For Good! Success Is Right Around The Corner!

Crystals Their Meanings

Yes you read that right. Why would success be right around the corner you might ask?

First we must answer the question of what success actually is. Success is defined as “the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.” 

What is your aim or purpose? What were you truly placed here on Earth to do? To accomplish? Each person on this planet not only shares the vibrations of the universe, but I believe that each also shares a higher destiny. Once this purpose is discovered we can finally begin to get a glimpse into what success truly means.


Meditation, the use of healing crystals, visualization, and positive reinforcement are just a few of the vehicles that people use to find out what lies inside each of us. Looking inward during moments of absolute peace, will give us much clarity into who we are, what we were put here to do, and many more things.

You deserve success. We all do. It is our birthright. 


So why don’t more people experience this elusive thing known as success? For a variety of reasons. Likely too many to be named. Most people have become trapped inside the “cube”. Unable to break free of social programming, they live their lives day to day. Accomplishing little. Giving less and less to the world around them. Blind to its sufferings and its beauty, they move to the next day…and repeat.

How do we break free of the cube? The Cube

Here are three ways that you can begin to take control back in your life, and begin to break down the matrix that has become your life.


1) Turn off the Tel-lie-vision. 


If ever there were a cube enabler it is the television. It is a tool that is used to get you to think a certain way, on a million different topics. All of it designed to ultimately get you to buy into a notion or product. The “powers that be” know this and they are filling your life with nonsense, all designed to keep you trapped in the cube. It’s called programming for a reason!

2) Cleansing of the Pineal gland. 

Effect of Fluoride on the Pineal Gland

Fluoride contained in most public water, toothpaste and a variety of other places, has been linked to Alzheimer’s disease and more. It is also a beautiful clogger of the pineal  gland. What exactly is the pineal gland? It is the location of your Third Eye. Your source of intuition. It the place of spiritual enlightenment. Did you know that there are actually photo receptors found there?

First you must de-calcify and  remove the toxic chemicals that have found themselves trapped there. Once they are removed from your pineal gland, you can begin the activation process. You will find that your meditations are experiencing massive breakthroughs.


3) Lastly, it is my firm belief that most humans feel that they are at the apex of the pyramid.

All things on Earth subject to man’s will. It is a lie that has permeated throughout history. It is why there is so much suffering. I’ve often been asked why God allows certain things to take place. My short answer. He (your higher power) doesn’t. We have allowed these sadnesses to take place. There is no suffering that we do not allow to occur by doing nothing to stop it.

We may have been given dominion over the world, however what we have lost sight of is that we are the Earth’s caretakers.  For too long man has believed the pyramid scheme. We are not the apex. We are instead found within a circle, with no life being held above another. No matter how big. No matter how small. Life is life. Life is beautiful. And every life should be treasured.

Man's circle

Taking these simple steps should begin you on your journey to capturing the ever elusive life changing success! If these tips have helped you let us know below! Share this page with your friends and help them begin their own journey of breaking free from the cube!

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5 Meditation Techniques – Beginners Guide for Effective Meditation

Having trouble reaching a relaxing state of meditation? Meditation is extremely important when healing your chakras with crystals and stones. Learning to meditate effectively can take some time and practice, but anyone can do it!

How to Meditate

First, you will need to find a peaceful spot that is quiet and free from distractions. It is important to wear comfortable clothes or none at all if you prefer. Next, get in a comfortable position. Lying down is perfect when using crystals on your chakras, but you can also pick a comfortable sitting position or even stand. The most important thing to remember when beginning a meditation routine is to meditate at the same time each day. For beginners, it is best to begin meditating twice a day for five minutes each time. You can gradually increase the amount of meditation time each week. An ideal amount of time to meditate is twenty minutes, twice a day. Below you will find 5 meditation techniques beginners should use. Choose whichever works best for you, or even a combination of techniques.

1) Breathing Technique

The breathing technique is the most popular method for achieving a meditative state. You will want to completely focus on your breathing and only your breathing. Remember to breathe normally, and try not to “think” about your breathing. Just focus on your breath going in and out of your body, while blocking out every other thought or distraction. Having your eyes closed will help with this technique dramatically. You should notice your body becoming completely relaxed, and you will feel totally at peace.

2) Mantra Technique

A mantra is a sound, word or phrase that you would repeat over and over until you reach a deep meditative state. The mantra can be anything you choose, as long as it feels right to you. Many choose words like peace, one, silence or the sound “Om”. Your mantra can be repeated out loud or repeated entirely in your head. Mantras will create vibrations in your mind which will block out other thoughts and help you to reach deep meditation. Once you reach that deep state, you may not need to repeat the mantra anymore.

3) Visual Object Technique

Some people prefer to have their eyes open during meditation, and if you’ve been havingCandle Flame Meditation trouble meditating with your eyes closed, this method may work for you. First, you will need to choose a visual object to focus on. This can literally be anything, like a healing crystal or a candle. Many find focusing on the flame of a lit candle quite pleasant. If trying to use a crystal for its healing properties, this is a great alternative to placing it on one of your chakras. While sitting in a comfortable position focus your eyes on the object. Block out everything else except your chosen object. You will notice your peripheral vision start to fade, and your object will consume your vision. You will feel a great sense of serenity when all other stimuli is blocked from reaching your brain.

4) Visualization Technique

Have you ever heard the phrase “find your happy place”? This is the technique where you visualize your happy place and totally immerse yourself in it. Your place of peace can be a beach, a meadow, a forest or any place that would be your sanctuary. Do not try to “create” your surroundings, let them come naturally. Also, try not to make it an entirely real place, but a unique place that will be yours and only yours. Visualize all the sights, sounds, feelings and smells you feel at this special place. Allow yourself to become completely immersed in your place until it feels like you are really there. When you are finished with your meditation, take a few deep breaths and open your eyes. You can choose to come back to your place each time you meditate, or you can choose a new place every time.

5) Body Scanning Technique

This is a technique I learned at a very young age to help relax before bed. Body scanning is essentially focusing on a specific body part and relaxing it. This technique will fully relax the body and the mind. You will want to start with a specific body part, like the toes. Imagine your toe muscles completely relaxing and releasing all tension. From there, just move up your body, focusing on each body part in the same way. You can spend as much time as you wish on each body part. When you have finished relaxing the top of your head and mind, focus on your entire body, feel the calmness and profound relaxation. Then start the breathing technique mentioned earlier. This method is perfect for chakra balancing as well. Focus on the crystals you have placed on your body as you perform the body scan.

Meditating to Heal the Chakras

Meditation is a Journey

It is important to remember that meditation is a journey, and journeys take time. No person starts out at their highest level of spiritual awareness. Meditation is used to achieve inner peace and calm the mind. You will reach that higher spiritual dimension in time. Each time you meditate, you are increasing your level of enlightenment. Try not to focus too much on the quality of your meditation when first starting out. Just keep trying the techniques, and you will notice the gradual increase in your happiness and the feelings of inner peace.

If you are still having trouble reaching a state of meditation, some guided meditation may be the answer. There are guided meditation audios, that will walk you through meditation, that can be downloaded to your computer. You can click here to check out The Guided Meditation Site, which has many sessions you can download, and they even have meditation music. If you have any questions or comments related to meditation, feel free to leave them below!

Looking for a Natural Remedy for Nausea and Vomiting? Here are 3!

Looking for a Natural Remedy for Nausea and Vomiting? Here are 3!


So we all suffer from illnesses from time to time, it just happens. It’s unpleasant, isn’t it? Of course it is, who wants to feel icky? That is why I feel it is best to be prepared ahead of time with a natural remedy for nausea and vomiting specifically.

I chose these two culprits specifically because they are two of the most commonplace and are usually byproducts of some other ailment. Eliminating these two symptoms can dramatically lessen the illness’ impact on your body. Nausea and vomiting are two symptoms that you can feel completely helpless to deal with.


There is good news! Below are 3 natural remedies and ways you can get ahead of the game.


1) Use of Essential Oils. 

Here at CrystalsTheirMeanings.com you will see us often stress the use of essential oils. Why? They are one of the most effective methods for naturally dealing with a variety of issues including nausea and vomiting. Face it, those two are unpleasant to think about, let alone talk about!

Essential Oils For Healing

Take Peppermint and nutmeg for instance. (Get Peppermint Here) (Nutmeg Here) These two will help with both of those symptoms. There are a variety that address one of the symptoms, but rarely both. Some people have a natural adversity to Peppermint so nutmeg is a great alternative.


2) Carrying a combination of Dioptase and Jasper

While experimenting with crystals, I happened upon a great little duo. Dioptase, while not only being a beautiful healing crystal, also works with your body’s natural vibration to assist in keeping your two little adversaries away. The same with Jasper. However combining these two creates a special harmony that helped me tremendously. They are extremely useful if you suffer from morning sickness.Jasper For Wealth

Dioptase For Healing

Dioptase can be hard to find. My suggestion is to follow this link to the Dioptase page and click through to look at the selection before deciding.  For Jasper follow this link

3) Finally… You have to Bee on the honey! Bad pun but seriously a great way to go.


The honey that you buy in your local grocery stores can be filled with GMOs (genetically modified organisms). This is very important to look for when buying honey. My recommendation is to go with raw honey. Guess what the only ingredient is? Yep. Honey. Natural raw honey is getting harder and harder to find as the bees continue their downward trend. Pesticides and their use by large companies like Monsanto, are killing bees by the thousands.

Raw Natural Honey

Think about that for a moment. No more bees. No more pollination. No pollination, the food supply dwindles. They are our greatest pollinators. One of the most trusted places I’ve found and where I personally order all of my raw honey is here. Very nice selection of all-natural products.

Although pricier, the benefits of raw honey cannot be overstated. From strengthening the immune system and containing powerful antioxidants, to its promotion of digestive health, to its anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial properties, raw honey is one of the most potent of the natural remedies.


3 proven natural remedies….


that need to be on hand when dealing with nausea and vomiting. Please remember to consult your physician and nothing here is designed to diagnose, treat, or otherwise blah blah blah! Seriously though.

Make sure you read my reviews on the different essential oil diffusers before purchasing one. Some are better than others. You can find those reviews here.

Feel free to leave your comments below of your own success stories and be sure to sign up for our weekly newsletter, each designed to keep you more informed of everything you need to know!

Essential Oils, Pregnancy Nausea, 3 Do NOTS Expecting Mothers Need To Know

It truly is a shame that most of us simply end up learning through trial and error. 

Essential Oils For Healing

When I was sitting down to type “Essential Oils, Pregnancy Nausea, 3 DO NOTS Expecting Mothers Need To Know”, I felt the baby kick inside my tummy and thought back to the lessons I had learned from my prior pregnancies. Thank goodness for that!

I thought it might be helpful to pass along a few things that I have learned in an effort to keep you from being miserable through the use of essential oils. Nausea, vomiting, and many more “minor” ailments are quite commonplace during pregnancy but can impact the body in a very negative way.

Essential Oils Pregnancy Nausea

That doesn’t mean that we can’t take more control!

Guys that means you too. Understand that as our bodies begin going through the changes of pregnancy, things that ordinarily would not affect us; certain smells, foods, etc, begin to affect us on a level that is hard to fathom. That is why it becomes critically important to minimize the impact through the use of essential oils. Please read my reviews here of several different essential oils diffusers before purchasing. There are some which are above standard but several below.

Essential Oil Candle Diffuser

1) Do NOT use synthetic fragrances!!

Use only pure essential oils! 


As with most things in life, all-natural is usually preferred to synthetics. I have heard all my life that “If it ain’t broke….Don’t fix it.” Country? Absolutely, yet so true! Essential oils are experiencing quite the come back in recent years. The reason for this resurgence? People are realizing that often times man-made cures aren’t really cures at all, but instead, they simply add to the condition with more conditions!


2) Do NOT have prolonged exposure to essential oils.


It may sound pretty obvious to some, however one of the most common mistakes that unsuspecting pregnant mothers make is just that. As with most things when expecting, the line between what is healthy for you and the baby, and what is unhealthy becomes even thinner. While essential oils can help with nausea, vomiting, and many other symptoms, over use should be avoided.

3) Do NOT apply essential oils directly to the skin!


Essential oils may come in small packages most of the time, but they come to you highly concentrated. Without the dilution of the essential oil with a carrier oil (coconut oil, almond oil, etc), essential oils can cause skin reactions. This becomes even more essential to remember because you are pregnant.

Essential Oils Pregnancy Nausea

My favorite essential oil for nausea is peppermint oil, which is perfectly safe to use during pregnancy. You can find peppermint oil here. Some oils you should definitely not use, as they can be harmful during pregnancy, are rosemary, basil, jasmine, nutmeg, sage, rose, juniper berry, and clary sage. As always consult your physician.

<== For a more thorough explanation, which specific essential oils are best used for which ailments, and how they affect you, click here==>

>>You can also click here to check out the essential oil store!<<

How to Clean Crystals and Stones and Why You Need to

Why should I cleanse my healing crystals?

Healing crystals and stones can absorb negative energy from their environments. This isCleanse Your Crystals with Water excellent for you, because certain crystals and stones can remove negative energy from your body and from your environment. Therefore, these crystals need to be cleansed from time to time. The negative energies absorbed by your healing crystals will build up in the crystals and stay there until you cleanse them. Not cleaning your crystals will make them less effective and unable to continue absorbing negative energies.

How to clean crystals and stones

There are many different methods you can use to cleanse your crystals, and it is best to do whichever feels right for you. Some methods may work for you, but not work for someone else. By trial and error, you will find which methods work best for you. Many people suggest using salt or salt water to cleanse your crystals. This is one method I recommend NOT to use. Salt water can be harsh and abrasive to your precious crystals, and I personally do not use this method at all.

Running Water

This method is not only great for physically cleaning dirt off your crystals, it is an excellent way to cleanse negative energy from them. Never use tap water as it is usually full of chemicals. If you have a high quality filter or clean well water, you can run your crystals under lukewarm water from your tap. Soaking them in chemical-free water is also great for cleansing. An ideal way to use water for cleansing is in a stream free from pollution. You can place your crystals and stones in a mesh bag and place them in a nearby stream. Let water run over your crystals for at least 3 minutes for optimal results. A very important thing to remember is that some crystals are soluble in water and should never be cleansed by this method. Some stones NOT to place in water are Selenite, Halite, Lapis Lazuli, Malachite, Rhodizite, Turquoise, Calcite, Celestite, Azurite, Angelite, and Phenakite.

Water for cleansing crystals

The Sun and Moon

Most crystals love being placed in sunlight or moonlight. I would suggest not placing your crystals in direct, hot sunlight. Placing them on a windowsill is best when using sunlight to cleanse your crystals. Using moonlight to cleanse stones is a very effective method, and will not destroy or fade your crystals. There are some crystals that should never be placed in sunlight, because the sun can destroy or fade them. Crystals you should NOT use sunlight to cleanse include Aquamarine, Amethyst, FluoriteRose Quartz, Turquoise, Malachite, Tourmaline, dyed Lapis Lazuli, Smoky Quartz, Enhydros, Sulfur, Realgar and Orpiment.

The Earth

Burying crystals in the ground for about 24 hours is an excellent way to cleanse and re-energize them. When using this method, be sure to bury your crystals in chemical free soil. You can place them directly in the ground or use a cloth pouch, whichever you prefer. Also, I would recommend checking a geological book before using this method. Check the chemical makeup of your stones and the reaction it could have to your local soil. Some stones can even turn poisonous after being buried in the ground! When there is iron present in the composition of a stone or crystal, like Hematite, it should not be buried in the earth for cleansing.

Smudging with white sage

Smudging with white sage essentially means burning white sage and holding the crystalWhite Sage For Cleansing Crystals in the smoke, preferably for at least 3 minutes. Smudging is an excellent non-invasive way to cleanse your stones and crystals of negative energy.Other smudging herbs, like sweet grass, can also be used, but I prefer white sage. Certain types of incense, like juniper or frankincense, can also be used to smudge your crystals. If you are looking for sage, you can get it here for $7.19!


Using another crystal

A great way to cleanse your smaller stones and crystals is to place them one at a time on top of a large quartz crystal cluster. The large quartz crystal cluster will draw out the negative energies and re-energize your stones. Because the quartz will be absorbing negative energies, it will also have to be cleansed regularly. You can also use a large Carnelian stone to cleanse other stones. This is a great method for cleansing your jewelry!

Do all crystals need cleansing?

There are some crystals that do not require cleansing, because they either take care of Herkimer Diamonds for Healingthemselves or do not absorb any energies. Some stones and crystals that you will not need to cleanse are Kyanite, Azulite, Diamond, Herkimer Diamond, Phenakite and Apophilite. If you are unsure if a crystal needs cleansing, just follow your heart and do what feels right. Cleansing or not cleansing a certain crystal will not harm you. (Just remember: some methods cannot be used for some crystals.)

How often should crystals be cleansed?

I recommend cleansing any new crystal or stone you obtain. They can carry negative energies from the previous owners and environments, and should be cleansed before you use them. I recommend cleansing your crystals and stones about once a month. You can cleanse them more or less frequently, depending on your preference and how you use your crystals. If using your stones for healing by placing them on your body, I suggest cleansing them after each use. For crystals you carry around daily, I would recommend cleansing them about once a week.

When it comes to cleansing your crystals, remember to do what feels best for you. You may prefer some methods over others, and may find some methods much more effective for certain crystals. Remember to treat your crystals with loving kindness and they will continue to be strong healers and protectors in your life. If you have any questions or have anything to share about cleansing crystals, please leave a comment below!


5 of the Strongest Healing Crystals Everyone Should Use and Why

When searching for the strongest healing crystals to use, you should first of all listen to your heart. Have you ever looked at a crystal or gemstone and just felt drawn to it? The crystals that “speak” to you will be the strongest healing crystals for you to use. There are certain crystals out there that have stronger vibrations and higher energies, making them more powerful healers. Out of the many powerful crystals, I have compiled a list of the strongest healing crystals that everyone should have, due to their power.

Alexandrite – Color changing stone of prosperity

The most amazing characteristic of Alexandrite is its ability to change colors. In sunlight, it will be a bluish-green, and under incandescent lights, this stone will be purplish red. It has also been said that while wearing Alexandrite, it will change colors according to your health.

Color Changing Alexandrite

This stone is a favorite for gamblers, who carry or wear it to improve their chances of winning. When looking for a strong stone to use for spiritual growth, Alexandrite is a must have. This stone is said to balance the mind and bring peace in your life. Alexandrite can also increase your intuitive powers and creativity. Wearing this stone can even improve your blood circulation and strengthen your blood vessels. Alexandrite is one of the birthstones for June, and has also been known to bring courage to the wearer.

It is very difficult to find a genuine alexandrite stone. Most claiming to sell alexandrite are actually selling the created stone or alexandrite mixed with mica. While searching online, I found a couple sellers that have genuine color changing Alexandrite.Alexandrite for Healing

Click here for genuine Alexandrite on Ebay

Although lab created, this seller has high quality Alexandrite, you can click here to see Chatham Created Alexandrite Engagement Rings and Bridal Sets.

Chatham Created Alexandrite

Herkimer Diamond – Powerful High Vibration

Herkimer Diamonds will take you to the highest spiritual vibration possible. They can provide a major boost to your clairvoyant abilities. These diamonds can also strongly amplify the powers of other stones. Technically not a diamond at all, Herkimer diamonds are actually a special type of quartz that are very bright with high vibrations. Many that have meditated with a Herkimer Diamond for the first time have opened up many psychic gifts and had a highly spiritual experience. This stone is also a very powerful emotional healer and may provide a boost to your immune system.Herkimer Diamonds for Healing

Herkimer Diamonds are slightly rare, and it may be hard to find true Herkimer. The ones that you are more likely to find may be small, but will still be extremely powerful. If you are interested in purchasing one, I located one on Amazon for $32.95. (Click here)

Shungite – Water Purifier 

Shungite is a rare stone that was discovered in Karelia in Russia. The local residents were already aware of its powers. The water Shungite was found in was perfectly clean, and many that drank the water were healed of various illnesses and diseases. It is the only known natural material known to contain fullerenes, which are a special form of carbon containing powerful antioxidants. The scientists who discovered the fullerenes in Shungite received the Nobel Prize in chemistry in 1996. Shungite literally changes the structure of water, destroying bacteria and bringing healing properties. Scientists around the world are still exploring and studying Shungite, trying to understand its unique properties. Click here to learn how to use Shungite in your water.

Not just an excellent stone to use in your water, Shungite is excellent for protecting you from harmful EMF radiation emitted from all electronic and electric devices. I keep a stone next to my computer for this purpose. Shungite is also a calming stone that protects from negative energy. When healing your chakras, Shungite is an excellent grounding stone and best used with the base chakra.1/2 lb Genuine Shungite

Shungite is not too difficult to find, but genuine Shungite always comes from Russia. Click here for a great deal on Shungite.



Herderite – Powerful Psychic Stone

Herderite is a fairly rare stone and is the best crystal for improving your psychic abilities. If you have always wanted to open new pathways in your brain, this is the crystal for you. If you feel Herderite drawing you, it is the powerful Crown Chakra crystal for you. Herderite has the ability to join your mind with your spirit. Using this crystal can also bring on psychic abilities you never knew you had.

True Herderite can be hard to find. I found a few sellers offering this powerful psychic crystal.

This seller on Amazon has one Herderite crystal for $69.95. Click here to Rare Herderite Crystal Clustercheck it out.


Purple Herderite For HealingI also located a purple Herderite (also only one in stock). Click here!




Lapis Lazuli – Powerful Healer

Lapis Lazuli is one of the most sought after stones for healing and is perfect for clearing away emotional baggage. Beautiful deep blue in color, Lapis is a symbol of wisdom and truth. Use this stone to enhance your memory and help relieve anxiety. Lapis Lazuli can help heal many physical ailments including menstrual cramps, high blood pressure, throat problems, eye infections and even helps with Attention Deficit Disorder. Wearing this stone always will ward off negativity, help with creativity, boost intellectual thought and can also bring harmony to your relationships. For healing your chakras, this stone is best used when placed on the Third Eye chakra and the Throat chakra.

For such a powerful and widely sought after stone, Lapis Lazuli is fairly easy to find. If you are looking to wear this stone, I recommend a bracelet you can find here. Lapis Lazuli Heart For Healing

If you are looking to use Lapis Lazuli for healing your Chakras or to carry in your pocket, you can find a genuine stone here.


These five crystals are some of the strongest healing crystals you can find, and I hope you have the pleasure of experiencing the powers of them yourself. If you have any questions about healing crystals or have a story to share, feel free to comment below! You can also click here to learn all about cleansing your crystals and why you should do it!


3 Need to know facts: Healing Crystals. Stroke Recovery, and You.

3 Need to know facts: Healing Crystals. Stroke Recovery and You.


1) Don’t be a product of your environment.

It’s true what they say, many people are a product of their environment. What does this mean for healing crystals, stroke recovery and you? Quite a lot actually. Every day we are surrounding ourselves with items that may or may not be conducive to our health. Take stock of not only your living environment, but the places you go as well. Peacefulness and the proper resonances will be key if you are recovering from a stroke.

Crystals their meanings

2) Damage by extension

For those suffering from a stroke, there can be a lot of pain involved which is another reason that your environment should be conducive to your recovery. Nerve damage can be very extensive and if left unchecked could worsen over time. Your body has the amazing ability to heal certain damages but needs to be treated gently during this process.

Crystals their meanings

3) Healing crystals are not replacement therapy for recovering from a stroke.

What they can do however, is accelerate the body’s natural healing processes. While I am required by law to say that “these have not been evaluated by FDA and the products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition.”,  I believe that the body’s natural resonances in turn resonate differently with different crystals. It only makes sense.

My recommendations for stroke victims would be as follows and are linked to the best values I’ve found on Amazon:

1) Watermelon Tourmaline (fairly rare) and Chiastolite to encourage regeneration of nerve damage


2) The crystals Garnet and Lapis Lazuli are both widely used for pain. 

Please feel free to comment in the section below with your own success stories!

Are Crystals Evil? The Spiritual Meaning of Stones May Surprise You!

Are Crystals Evil?  Well, the spiritual meaning of stones may just surprise you. 


To answer that question definitively would be to say no. Inherently as with most things in this world both natural and man-made, healing stones and crystals are quite simply put, tools. A tool is in and of itself neutral. It is the intent of the individual which gives any tool its power.

Just as a gun in the hands of the wrong person can have a negative impact, so too can be negative energies focused more intently with healing stones and crystals. Now this is not to compare the immediate destructive power that a firearm can produce to the energies that can be focused through crystal implementation, but to illustrate the parallel that all tools can be used for good and ill. 

 Healing stones and crystals

The perversion of evil lives in the hearts of all men.

One need look no further than the Bible for evidence that God intended for his creation to utilize and harness all that He made. While advancements in modern medicine have made great strides in creating cures for various ailments, the evil that lives in the hearts of mankind has once again made its presence felt. Billions of dollars are spent every year in the research and development of new drugs. The problems begin to show themselves when side effects far outnumber the original cause. Add to that the additional billions spent on advertising and you have effectively created a customer instead of a cure.

Modern medicine is big business.

Let that sink in a moment. Modern medicine has become one of the most lucrative fields to be in. Doctors are discouraged from prescribing holistic or natural cures. Instead, the pharmaceutical companies offer them kickbacks each time that one of their medicines are prescribed. So what becomes the driving factor in this equation? Money. 

When the love of money becomes the motivating factor in anything, then anything that contradicts the status quo becomes taboo and forced into the background. It becomes frowned upon. However, healing stones and crystals along with other natural methods have seen quite the resurgence in recent times. Why? I believe it to be because people in all walks of life are beginning to realize that what God has provided us is far superior in most cases than anything that man can make.

Modern Medicine’s place

This is not to say that modern medicine doesn’t have its place. It does. Where is that place? I suppose that is a question that each individual must answer for themselves. As for me and my house, that place exists only after every natural method has been exhausted.

Feel free to leave your thoughts below! You can also check out the first installment of “Crystals and the Bible” here!

The Best Healing Jewelry For Grandmother

If you are looking for a thoughtful, beautiful and beneficial gift for your grandmother, jewelry made with healing stones is the perfect gift! Not only will your grandma appreciate having a beautiful piece of jewelry to wear, she will also reap the healing benefits of the specific stone you choose!

Below I’ve compiled a list of the best deals on Amazon for the perfect jewelry for your grandma. 

Personalized Silver Birthstone Necklace

The best thing about this birthstone necklace is that you can choose multiple stones to include on the pendant. You can choose up to six stonesBirthstone Necklace For Grandma and six names to be etched on the back of the pendant. Each birthstone has its own amazing healing powers. For a complete list of birthstones, their meanings and their healing properties, click here!

I purchased one of these necklaces for my grandma and one for my mom for only $45.99 each on Amazon. Click here to check it out.


Silver Necklace with Lapis Lazuli & Drusy Quartz

If you are looking for a fancy necklace with genuine stones for grandma,Lapis Lazuli Necklace for Grandmther this one is it. Lapis Lazuli is the most sought after stone for healing and symbolizes wisdom and truth. If your grandma has trouble remembering things, wearing Lapis Lazuli will greatly improve her memory and even enhance her creativity. Wearing this stone has also been known to lower blood pressure! Drusy Quartz is excellent for warding off negativity and reducing stress. The Drusy Quartz in this necklace will also enhance the powers of the Lapis Lazuli.

Retail price for this necklace is $699.00, but can be found on Amazon for only $349.99. Click here to see the necklace.

Silver Bracelet with Pearl & Turquoise

Turquoise has been used for hundreds of years to protect the wearer from evil and physical harm. Turquoise is also perfect for those grandmas bornpearl and turquoise bracelet in December. Pearls have unique frequencies of energy vibrations that have a strong calming effect and will help your grandmother connect to her “inner goddess”. Wearing pearls has also been known to heal digestive issues and skin conditions! Pearls as a gift are also perfect for a grandma born in June.

This beautiful bracelet retails for $29.95, but you can find it here on Amazon for $21.95.

Silver Bracelet with Genuine Citrine stones

Your grandmother will appreciate receiving a gift that also brings good luck! Citrine is called the “success stone” and is known for bringing theCitrine Bracelet wearer success and good luck. Not only does Citrine often bring prosperity, it can heal various physical ailments. Many use this stone to cure muscle pain, diabetes, heart problems, digestive issues and nightmares. This bracelet is my choice for Citrine because it contains 100% natural, genuine Citrine stones.

Retail price for this bracelet is $519.00, but you can click here to get it for only $149.95!

Silver Earrings with Pink Rhodonite

Show your Grandmother how much you love her by getting her jewelryRhodonite Earrings for Grandmother containing a beautiful stone of love, Rhodonite. This stone is known for its amazing emotional healing powers. Wearing these earrings will help keep your Grandma emotionally stable when dealing with a difficult situation. Rhodonite is also an excellent physical healer and has been used to help with arthritis, skin conditions and lung problems.

Retail price: $148.00

Find it here on Amazon for $57.51

I hope my suggestions of healing jewelry for grandmothers has helped you make a decision on what to get your grandma. As I find more great deals on the perfect gifts for Grandma, I will update this post. Please leave your questions or thoughts on these suggestions in the comment section below!

Birthstones Month List: Birthstones, Their Meanings and Healing Properties

Looking for a detailed birthstones month list? Birthstones originated when a Jewish historian, Josephus, believed there was a connection between the stones in Aaron’s Breastplate, the 12 months of the year, and the 12 zodiacs. Interpretations and translations of that passage from Exodus vary widely, so we may not know exactly which stones were used. However, the modern list of birthstones has little to do with Aaron’s Breastplate now, due to confusing translations and various customs and tastes. Actually wearing a single birthstone is only a few centuries old.

In 1912, the official list was adopted by the National Association of Jewelers in America. It’s been altered slightly since then, and below you will find the modern list of birthstones, their meanings and their healing properties.

January Birthstone – Garnet

Most born in January are ambitious, but sometimes lack confidence and self-esteem. Since the healing powers of Garnet are stronger in January and for those born in January, you should wear or carry this stone for a boost to your self-esteem. Garnet is also considered a very lucky stone that brings success in all areas of life. Wearing this stone also offers its protection against physical harm and evil. If you are buying Garnet as a gift, it is the perfect stone for a friend, because it signifies trust and eternal friendship.

Birthstone Jewelry For January

Garnet worn in a necklace is a great healer for the heart and lungs. Even those not born in January will benefit greatly from wearing Garnet during the month of January.Garnet Necklace: Birthstone Jewelry For January

Retail price of Garnet necklace pictured: $52.72

Best value online: $32.99 (Amazon)


February Birthstone – Amethyst

Most of you born in February are very active mentally, making it hard to shut off your brain and go to sleep at night. Luckily for you, Amethyst is an excellent sleep aid and bringer of peace. Wearing Amethyst jewelry or putting the stone under your pillow will benefit everyone with sleep, but especially those of you born in February. Wearing Amethyst will also inspire your creativity and provide some powerful spiritual healing.

Birthstone Jewelry For February

Amethyst is best when worn in earrings, inspiring creativity and heightened intuition. Wearing Amethyst can even enhance your psychic abilities.Birthstone Jewelry For February: Amethyst Earrings

Retail price of Amethyst Earrings pictured: $125.00

Best value online: $34.99 (Amazon)


March Birthstone – Aquamarine

Aquamarine is the stone of the sea, and seamen used to carry the stone to promote safe travels and protect them from drowning. If you were born in March, I don’t have to tell you that you have a very sensitive nature, which can sometimes influence you to avoid making hard decisions. Aquamarine is known to bring increased intellect, enhance your reasoning ability and promote logic. Wearing this stone can help you to think quickly and come up with solutions to many everyday problems. Aquamarine has also been known to help relieve symptoms of liver problems.

Birthstone Jewelry For March

Aquamarine is perfect for the Heart Chakra to help you realize your Aquamarine Necklace: Birthstone Jewelry For Marchinnermost truth. Wearing this stone close to the heart will help you to release some of your old bad habits and in turn increase your growth as a person. Also, wearing Aquamarine in a necklace will help to heal many types of throat ailments. 

Retail price of Aquamarine Necklace pictured: $129.00

Best value online: $49.95 (Amazon)



April Birthstone: Diamond

Those lucky enough to be born in April have the most sought after gemstone as their birthstone. Diamonds are symbols of purity and commitment. Those of you born in April have a lot of energy, and procrastination is not in your dictionary. You are the one to get things done! Diamonds increase that energy even more and bring strength and endurance. These valuable stones also help to bring clarity of mind, which will help lower some of that impulsiveness and help you to pay attention to detail.

Birthstone Jewelry For April

Wearing diamonds will bring love and clarity in your relationships. Since diamonds are excellent stones for the brain, wearing them in earrings can treat dizziness and vertigo. Diamonds are also great for many eye problems, like glaucoma or impaired eyesight. They can also stimulate your creativity and imagination. Diamond Earrings: Birthstone Jewelry For April

Retail price of 1/2ct Diamond Earrings pictured: $499.00

Best value online: $299.95 (Amazon)


May Birthstone – Emerald

The Emerald is a symbol of rebirth, and it’s said whoever is lucky enough to possess this stone will have good fortune. Emeralds are also bringers of prosperity, which is perfect for those born in May, because you are great with finances and very persistent. Emeralds have a strong loving vibration, making them perfect for bringing love and compassion to your life. If you wear an emerald in your daily life, you will notice the many benefits this stone brings to your love life.

Birthstone Jewelry For May

Because of the loving vibration of Emeralds, many wear Emerald in an engagement ring. Emeralds are also perfect for wearing in a necklace close to your heart chakra. Great for blocking negativity and bringing happiness, Emeralds are excellent stones to wear daily.Emerald ring birthstone

Retail price of Emerald Ring pictured: $599.00

Best price online: $299.99 (Amazon)


June Birthstones – Pearl, Alexandrite, Moonstone

Those lucky enough to be born in June have three birthstones! Those of you with June birthdays have many interests and love learning about everything you possibly can. Pearls bring truth, loyalty and integrity to those who possess it. They are also powerful healers, said to help with fertility issues. Alexandrite is a stone of courage and is excellent for reducing stress, which those of you born in June will greatly benefit from. Wearing Alexandrite is also great for those of you who experience motion sickness. Considered a sacred stone in India, Moonstone brings strength and inner growth. Physically, this stone helps with digestive problems, the liver and the pancreas.

Birthstone Jewelry For June

Out of the three June Birthstones, Pearls are by far my favorite. Pearls Pearl Necklace: Birthstone Jewelry For Junehave unique frequencies of energy vibrations that have a strong calming effect and help you connect to your “inner goddess”. Wearing pearls in jewelry is also beneficial for healing digestive issues and skin conditions.

Retail price of Pearl Necklace pictured: $339.99

Best value online: $89.99 (Amazon)


July Birthstone – Ruby

Those born in July are highly emotional and very receptive to other people’s moods and energies. Ruby is a stone of nobility and brings passion, prosperity and protection. Quality rubies are rare and are one of the hardest stones, second only to diamonds. Wearing rubies is said to protect and sustain those with sensitive natures. Perfect for wearing during love making, rubies are said to bring more passion in the bedroom and can even help with your chances to conceive. 

Birthstone Jewelry For July

Wearing Rubies in jewelry will help give you energy throughout the day.Ruby Necklace: Birthstone Jewelry For July Some have said that wearing Rubies help calm hyperactivity. Rubies stimulate the heart, so wearing them in a necklace can be very beneficial. While wearing a Ruby necklace, you will notice an increase in your motivation, concentration and confidence.

Retail price of Ruby Necklace pictured: $944.99

Best value online: $472.88 (Amazon)



August Birthstones – Peridot, Sardonyx

Being born in August, you are big-hearted, generous and loyal. For some of you born in late August, you can also be hot headed. Therefore, Sardonyx is perfect to wear to boost your self control. Sardonyx is also a highly protective stone, used by Greeks and Romans during battle to bring courage and victory. Sardonyx is actually a mix of Onyx and Carnelian so it brings the healing properties of both stones. Wear Sardonyx to bring confidence, creativity, integrity, motivation and discipline. For those of you born in August with a lack of assertiveness, wearing Peridot will increase your confidence and assertiveness. Peridots have also been known to boost strength and bring more prosperity. 

Birthstone Jewelry For August

Because Peridot vibrates strongly with the heart chakra, I recommendPeridot Necklace: Birthstone Jewelry For August wearing Peridot in a necklace. Wearing Peridot is also said to heal ulcers and heart and lung problems. This stone also helps the wearer let go of anger and feel more at ease.

Retail price of Peridot necklace pictured: $78.00

Best value online: $32.03 (Amazon)



September Birthstone – Sapphire 

Everyone knows that those born in September are perfectionists and pay great attention to detail, but sometimes have difficulty with communication. Those born in September are often full of wisdom, which makes the “wisdom stone”, Sapphire a perfect fit. Wearing Sapphire helps those with communication problems to express themselves more freely. Sapphires are believed to bring good fortune, spiritual insight and protection, and were worn by medieval clergy to symbolize heaven. Sapphire has also been known to heal headaches, fevers, eye problems and ear problems.

Birthstone Jewelry For September

Sapphire is best used with the throat chakra for improving your ability toSapphire Necklace: Birthstone Jewelry For September communicate your thoughts, feelings and beliefs. Wearing Sapphire also helps prevent you from shutting down emotionally and can help calm and focus the mind.

Retail price for Sapphire Necklace pictured: $449.00

Best value online: $229.00 (Amazon)



October Birthstones – Tourmaline, Opal

The coolest thing about the two October Birthstones is that they can be a wide range of colors and sometimes multi-colored. A lot of you born in October have the gift of gab, but will sometimes be too agreeable, not expressing your own opinions. To promote more self-confidence and diminish fear, you should wear Tourmaline daily. This stone also brings compassion, strength and understanding. Opal is a stone of inspiration, which can increase your creativity and help with easing into a major change in your life. Opal can enhance your memory and physically heal headaches and boost the immune system.

Birthstone Jewelry for October

Tourmaline kept close to the heart will help heal heart conditions and ward off negative energy. Pink Tourmaline helps release stress and can even improve your sense of smell. Also a great stone for depression and motion sickness.Pink Tourmaline Necklace and Earrings: Birthstone Jewelry For October

Retail Price for Tourmaline Jewelry pictured: $204.00

Best value online: $69.99 (Amazon)


November Birthstones – Topaz, Citrine

Another lucky group of people to have more than one birthstone are those born in November. Speaking of lucky, Citrine is called the “success stone” and is thought to bring good luck and success. Also, Topaz is a stone of good fortune. Combining your motivation with the powers of citrine and topaz is sure to bring great success in your life. Those of you born in November happen to be vengeful, so wearing Topaz daily will help bring forgiveness of others instead of that urge for revenge. Topaz will also help stabilize your emotions and release tension.

Birthstone Jewelry For November

Topaz can be found in many colors with blue being my personal favorite. Blue Topaz is said to bring wisdom and aid in communication. Perfect toBlue Topaz Necklace wear in a necklace, this stone can also help with digestion issues.

Retail price for Blue Topaz Necklace pictured: $247.96

Best value online: $64.99 (Amazon)




December Birthstones – Tanzanite, Zircon, Turquoise 

Being born in December, you are most likely optimistic and very confident. Most born in December also have a sort of sixth sense, and Tanzanite has a high vibration that helps develop psychic powers. This powerful stone will also help accelerate spiritual growth. Zircon crystals have been used for years to simulate diamonds and can be found in a wide range of colors, red being the most prized. Zircon is an excellent stone for developing your intuition. Turquoise is the most common stone of the three and is known for its protective powers. Native Americans have been using this stone for hundreds of years to protect against evil and physical harm.

Birthstone Jewelry for December

Out of the three, I would choose blue Tanzanite, because of its strong Blue Tanzanite Necklace: Birthstone Jewelry For Decemberhealing powers and excellent value. Best when worn closest to the heart chakra, a Tanazanite necklace is my choice for aiding in communication and spiritual growth. Especially effective for those born in December, blue Tanzanite has been known to bring on clairvoyant abilities. Combining Tanzanite with a Diamond will also help with commitment, which those born in December may need.

Retail price of Tanzanite and Diamond Necklace pictured: $699.00

Best value online: $349.99 on Amazon.com

==>If you happen to be looking for some excellent suggestions of jewelry that would be perfect for your grandmother, click here!<==

Please comment your favorite birthstones, or any questions you may have, below!