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CrystalsTheirMeanings.com Author

 Born in 1985 Elasa is the proud mother of four amazing children.

She has dedicated the largest portions of her life to helping people in their various walks of life.

From social activism to the spiritual in nature, Elasa walks a path that few do.

On a constant search for truth, she can usually be found either doing research, or more actively trying to make a difference in society.

After various health issues in her family began to arise, Elasa began seeking alternatives to big pharma.

She realized what all the pharmaceutical companies were doing, creating customers and not cures.

That’s when through her research she discovered that everything on Earth is connected through frequencies.

Thus began her research into crystals and how they affected the human body.

Years have passed since then and it has been a pleasure to watch her growth, not only as an “expert,” but as a human being as well.



I’m just the proud guy lucky enough to be called her husband. 🙂


  1. Hi Elasa. I agree when you say “everything on Earth is connected through frequencies.” There are definitely alternate paradigms that exist beyond the current reality than what we can understand with our limited senses. I like your website. Keep up the good work.

    • Thank you so much Glenda! Crystals are beautiful and I think that’s ultimately what it is lol Please come back and visit any time!

  2. Elasa I just have to say a big thank you, I like your website, I am a firm believer of energy healing, if one can take time do reach on energy or holistic, one will be better of with out prescription medication. Energy or holistic healing have little or no side effect at all.

  3. Long Time No see beautiful. The last we spoke I was on Google+ and soon after my account was abruptly suspended and I’ve not been able to recover it. Since then I’ve reopened a link with SpiritualForums.com and created my own Q&A via the DISQUS platform. I’m here to reconnect with you and continue our conversations about Crystals and the rituals that bind us to them. StoneWhisper

    • Hey Stone Whisper! It is good to see you again! Yeah, I went a bit without a computer, before then I was uber busy. How you been and how’s life? I need to put some more work into my website when I get a chance, add some more cool info and all. Have an awesome day and talk to you soon!

  4. Hi Elasa,
    Do you have a printable version of The 12 foundation stones in New Jerusalem-Crystals and the Bible?

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