7 Practical Ways to Use Protection Stones and Crystals in Your Home!

Cactus Quartz

The alarm annoyingly slams its way into your sweetly sleeping ears. Time to get up! 

If you’re like me, that means a hurried breakfast and getting the kids ready for school, then off we go to a busy day just brimming with adventures. Then it’s home and homework, dinner and dishes. Toothbrush time and then to storyland where the dreams will fill the night time skies. 

It’s very important that during these increasingly hectic times that we all seem to be living in, that maintaining the proper frequencies with protection stones and crystals becomes even more important. Although there are many, many more, I’ve compiled a list of justpractical uses for them (and other crystals) in and around your home. Feel free to comment your own below!

1) Grid your home

Gridding your home essentially means placing protection stones and crystals in specific places around your home to ward off negative energy and enhance your protection. To protect your entire home, place crystals in the four main corners of your home. Using Clear Quartz, an energetic cleanser, and/or Amethyst in the home will ward off negative energies. One of the most protective and grounding crystals, black Tourmaline, is my favorite for using in the four corners of my home. It is a powerful cleanser of all negative energies, allowing more positive energy in the home. Selenite is a powerful angelic stone, and is known for bringing comfort and peace to the home. When using these crystals in your home, you will notice more peace, less stress and more positivity in everyday life.

2) Under Your PillowCitrine For Healing

If you or a family member suffers from nightmares, there are several stones and crystals you can use to ward off bad dreams. Several years ago, my daughter was waking up almost every night, crying because of a terrible nightmare. After placing Citrine under my daughter’s pillow, her nighmares completely stopped, and she slept through the night. Also great for nightmares are Amethyst and other violet crystals. Amethyst is also an excellent sleep aid for those that have trouble sleeping peacefully. If you wake up in the morning and often cannot remember your dreams, Kyanite will help you recall them with more detail. This crystal also enhances lucid dreaming. Jade is known as the “dream stone” and will also help enhance your dreams.

3) In Your Vehicle

Most people spend many hours a week in their cars, but we seem to forget about clearing the negative energies from our vehicles. If you seem to find yourself overly stressed out while driving, placing some Amber, a powerful protection stone, in your car will greatly relieve some stress. Turquoise in the car will protect you from evil and physical injury. Obsidian is also a great protection stone used for warding off negativity. Also, Garnet and Amethyst are great crystals for physical protection while traveling. If you or a family member suffers from motion sickness while in the car, Yellow Jasper is the perfect stone to use to ease those symptoms.

4) In Your WaterShungite For Water

Yes, placing certain stones and crystals in your water has many benefits. The healing properties of Shungite has mystified scientists for years. It has been known to heal many illnesses, and Shungite even cleans water of almost all organic compounds and bacteria. Placing shungite in a glass or bottle of water before drinking will purify the water and has even been known to cure many illnesses. Leaving Shungite in the water for just 30 minutes will kill bacteria. For best results, leave in the water for 2-3 hours. If you are using Shungite for its medicinal properties, leave in the water for 8-48 hours before drinking. Shungite has been known to help with allergies, diabetes, colds, fatigue, kidney and liver diseases, asthma and much more! Beyond curing ailments, Shungite will also provide a significant boost to your immune system.

There are also many other crystals and stones you can use in your water for various healing properties. Amethyst is excellent for stress relief. Citrine is great for a boost of energy. Use green aventurine for a calming effect and heart healing. For extra creativity and higher self-esteem, use Carnelian. Use Fluorite for any health issues. It is important to not use the raw form for some crystals, because they may break apart in the water. For best results, place in your water 8-10 hours before drinking. Remember, some crystals would be poisonous to use in your water, so check any other crystals not listed here before using.

5) Next to your computerSunstone For Wealth

I spend a lot of time using my computer, so I feel it’s important to place healing crystals and stones on my desk. If you have an online business or are thinking of starting one, place a piece of Sunstone next to your computer for increased success in your endeavors. Fluorite placed on the computer or next to it will help to protect you from harmful emissions from your computer. Amazonite is great for protecting you from electromagnetic “smog” and negative energies. To increase your drive and protect yourself from all types of negative energies, use Hematite. Sodalite is also perfect for all that electromagnetic pollution and is great for enhancing your mental abilities.

6) Healing Crystals For Dogs and Cats

You may read that and laugh, but animals benefit from crystals and stones, just as we do. Crystals can be placed in your pet’s favorite sleeping place or even attached to the collar. If you have noticed, pets can suffer from depression just like we can. If your pet seems lethargic or just not his normal self, try some Lithium Quartz. Dalmation Jasper has a calming effect on hyperactive dogs. If your pet has separation anxiety, try Dioptase when you have to leave the house. Leopard skin Jasper is great for digestive healing and could also prevent “accidents” in your home. Rose Quartz will bring feelings of peace and security to your pets, just like it does for you.Dog with Turquoise Collar


7) In every room of the house

Earlier, I mentioned using protection stones in gridding your home, but they can also be used in every room of the house for added benefits. You can even grid just one room by placing stones and crystals in the four corners. Placing a Carnelian stone next to your front door will provide protection and invite abundance into your home. To benefit your health and well-being, place a large piece of Celestite in whichever room you prefer. When others visit your home, they may bring their negative energies along. A great way to prevent those negative energies from entering your home is by placing Hematite under your doormat. Also, by placing Obsidian in the room with the most traffic (like a hallway), negative energies that have collected there will be absorbed. My favoriteRose Quartz For Healing crystal for placing in all rooms of my home is Rose QuartzRose Quartz is a very powerful “love” crystal and releases negative emotions and replaces them with feelings of love, compassion and joy. All those in the vicinity of this crystal will feel its benefits.

You can benefit most from certain crystals by placing them in specific rooms.

In the kitchen: My favorite crystal for keeping in the kitchen at all times is Amethyst for enhancing culinary creativity.

In your bedroom: I spend a lot of time in my bedroom, which also happens to be my office. The master bedroom is the “relationship” room as well as where we spend a lot of time sleeping and doing various other things. There are so many stones and crystals that could be used in this room, it’s hard to pick just one, but if I have to choose, I choose blue Howlite (Turquonite) to encourage passion. Also, Howlite is great for a more peaceful sleep.

In your children’s bedrooms: Citrine and Amethyst for peace and happy dreams.Amethyst For Healing

In the living room: If you have a lot of family discussions in your living room, Rhodonite will help with your family’s patience. As you may have noticed, TVs put off a lot of negative energies, so I suggest a piece of Turquoise to help disperse those energies. 

In the bathroom: Rose Quartz and Smoky Quartz are excellent for placing in your bath water for a more relaxing bath. They will also help clear away some negative energy.

If you have any questions about protecting you and your home from negative energies, feel free to leave a comment below! There are also excellent online courses that will teach you everything you need to know about crystal therapy.

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  1. Very interesting site. I learned a lot. Now I know why I love my jewelry with amethyst.:) I wanted to learn to meditate effectively a long time ago. So why not with crystals? Thank you for your 5 Meditation Techniques – Beginners Guide for Effective Meditation!

    • Thank you so much! I am happy that you could learn something new from my site 🙂 And I love Amethyst. It’s so beautiful AND beneficial! I hope you return soon!

      • I wear an Azurite Pendant as I was looking for a crystal that was very spiritual. It seems to have really calmed me down and made me stand up for myself and my beliefs a lot more than I used to do. I love the feel of its energy as well.

  2. What you are mentioning here IS A BIG DEAL. Unfortunately most people can’t see the effects of what you are saying, so I simply ask them “Why do you pay your electric bill if you can’t physically see the energy????”

    Protection stones and crystals are important, especially now more than ever because of our electronic lifestyles!

  3. This article is really great and perfect for what I was looking for! Just a question, what stones would you use for protection in a childs room? Mainly from negativity, evil eye etc? I see amethyst and citrine for peacefulness, but maybe something like the obsidian, clear quartz or black tourmaline?
    Thanks so much again, the info is amazing!

    • Great question! Amethyst is definitely a great one for transmuting negativity. Clear quartz is another awesome crystal, as it deflects many types of negative energies and is especially effective for children. Kids really seem to love the look of Pyrite, and it is best known for its protection and ability to drive away fears. Also, you are right about Obsidian, as it is a powerful psychic protection stone, which will also help dispel disharmony around your child. Black tourmaline is a great multi-purpose stone that also provides protection from evil. Having this stone in your child’s room will even help boost the immune system! And lastly, Eye Agate is perfect for protection from the evil eye, and this stone is also excellent for sensitive children. I hope this information has helped! Let me know if you have any more questions. Thanks so much!!

  4. Am under witchcraft attack my neigbours me. Attack at night between 12-3am while we sleep.
    I want to protect me elf son and my home. And raise the vibration.

    They have raised the vibration..we are feeling the attack now.

    Please help amethyst is a crystal I wear I would like to buy a really big one for my home.

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